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After a Balcony Collapse, a Student Gets the Compensation He Deserves

Steve Caya obtained a policy limits settlement of $1,500,000 on behalf of his client who suffered a significant low back injury due to a balcony collapse.  The client, a college student, attended a house party at a rental property in Milwaukee.

The rental property included a second floor balcony that collapsed during the party resulting in injury. The landlord denied responsibility and denied any knowledge the balcony was defective.  As a result of expert testimony developed by Steve Caya, and after two years of intense litigation, the insurance carrier agreed to pay its policy limits.

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Huge Settlement Obtained in Slip and Fall Case

Steve Caya obtained a $900,000 settlement on behalf of a client who sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall at a friend’s home. The homeowner’s insurer initially denied any liability and claimed the accident was entirely the client’s fault.

Steve retained the appropriate experts to establish the doorway through which his client fell was defective and not up to code. Steve also worked closely with the client’s treating physicians to establish conclusively the severe nature of his client’s injuries. After reviewing all of the materials submitted by Steve on behalf of his client, the insurance company was compelled to change its mind and resolved the claim.

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Janesville Injury Lawyer Secures Big Compensation for Brain Injury Victim

Steve Caya was able to recover $850,000 for a client who suffered a mild brain injury after his vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle at a speed of less than three miles per hour.

This very complex case required the use of numerous experts in various fields including Biomedical Engineering, Neuropsychology and Psychology. In addition, the client hired Steve Caya after his first attorney dropped the case believing there was no possibility of obtaining compensation for the client.

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Steve Caya Stands Up Against Insurance Company for Car Accident Victim

Steve Caya obtained a jury verdict of $766,000 for a client who suffered a torn rotator cuff after his vehicle was struck from behind at a high rate of speed.

The at fault driver was uninsured and the client’s own uninsured motorist carrier vigorously defended the claim. The client’s insurer made a top dollar offer of $175,000. Steve Caya refused to settle for that sum and took the case to trial. The jury returned a verdict even higher than what Steve Caya requested in his closing argument.

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Six Figure Settlement for Victim in Car Accident

Steve Caya obtained a $750,000 settlement for a young woman who sustained a significant low back injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Because the client had a pre-existing history of similar low back problems, the insurance company initially argued the client’s problems were due to the pre-existing injuries. After filing a lawsuit on behalf of his client, Steve was able to establish the injuries were indeed related to the accident and the claim resolved for $750,000.

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Umbrella Policy Secures Greater Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victim

Steve Caya recovered $650,000 for injuries sustained by a motorcyclist who suffered numerous fractures after an inattentive driver turned left in front of the motorcyclist.

The insurance company for the at fault driver argued the policy limits available were only $300,000. Steve Caya reviewed the at fault driver’s policy and successfully convinced the insurer an umbrella policy applied creating more coverage to compensate the injured motorcyclist.

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Major Compensation for Car Accident Victim with Internal Injuries

Steve Caya recovered $575,000 on behalf of an elderly client who suffered numerous rib fractures and internal injuries in a motor vehicle collision.

The case was complicated by the fact the client was elderly with pre-existing conditions and required the coordination of Physicians from both Wisconsin and Florida.

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Steve Caya Defeats Insurance Company in Compensation Dispute

Attorney Steve Caya’s client was injured while riding a motorcycle in the City of Milwaukee.

The accident occurred when the defendant driver attempted a u-turn while pulling away from a parking stall. The insurance company claimed attorney Caya’s client was substantially at fault and denied all of the medical treatment received by the client. After attorney Caya filed suit in Milwaukee County and conducted depositions of the driver of the vehicle and the investigating officer, the insurance company changed its position and paid the policy limits of $500,000.

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Injured Woman Secures Settlement in Fireworks Show Accident

Steve recovered $500,000 on behalf of an elderly woman who lost sight in one eye as a result of a Fireworks Show mishap.

Steve was able to establish the fireworks display operators failed to follow safety ordinances and industry standards concerning spectator safety while conducting this show resulting in serious injury to Steve’s client.

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Serious Injury in Trailer Crash Incident on Rural Highway

Attorney Steve Caya’s client suffered a serious hip injury while a passenger in a vehicle that crashed into a trailer located just off a rural highway.

In addition to collecting this sum for his client, Attorney Caya was able to persuade his client’s health insurer to accept a fraction of what the insurer was arguably entitled to in reimbursement for medical expenses paid on behalf of the client. This reduction resulted in tens of thousands of additional dollars in compensation for the client.

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