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When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the process can be daunting if you’ve never been through it before. Unprepared, inexperienced attorneys get blindsided by intimidating legal tactics and cannot provide you with the proper legal representation that you deserve.

Personal injury lawyer Steve Caya represents Lake Geneva, WI residents with cool, calm demeanor and a fierce will to get the compensation you deserve. Steve only takes on cases he knows he can win. In fact, he is so confident in his abilities to get you the monetary compensation that you deserve, he maintains a strict no win, no fee policy with all of his clients. If you lose in court, you won’t owe a dime.

Elite Legal Representation for Victims of Serious Injuries

Steve Caya takes pride in being one of the most distinguished personal injury attorneys in Southern Wisconsin. He specializes in a wide variety of personal injury cases resulting from:

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No matter the cause, if you believe you have personal injury case on your hands, set up your FREE consultation with attorney Steve Caya immediately. Steve and his staff of legal experts will thoroughly examine every detail of your situation and help you find angles and courtroom advantages that other attorneys simply overlook.

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Drunk Driving Negligence Attorney

Drunk driving accidents lead to extravagant medical bills, physical harm, and mental distress. Why should you be forced to live your life in agony due to someone else’s foolish decisions? If you have been harmed by a drunk or careless driver, you need to find out what Steve Caya can do for you. Let us take a look at your case and see if you have a personal injury suit on your hands. Steve Caya only takes cases he can win, so place your faith in us as we provide you with the best legal counsel possible.

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