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Steve Caya is one of Wisconsin’s most trusted trial attorneys

With decades of experience serving accident victims, Steve Caya has established a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy legal minds in Palmyra and throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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Injured in an Accident? Get the Compensation You NEED

Have you been suffering from a neck injury after being rear ended? Were you or your loved one mistreated in a nursing home? Did the neighbor’s vicious dog bite your child while they were playing outside? These occurrences often get swept under the rug, and leave you with no one to fight for your case.

Personal injury lawyer Steve Caya boasts an unrivaled amount of experience and resources for winning you fair compensation for your injuries. He also cares and has compassion for every one of his clients, which makes him the most trusted attorney in Palmyra.

Hurt in a wreck and wondering what to do next? Find out how to report a car accident near Palmyra.

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Personal Injury Claims in Palmyra

Contacting our personal injury law firm after you’ve been injured is the smartest course of action to take. The longer you wait, the quicker evidence slips away. No evidence? No chance of receiving full compensation. Make a personal injury claim ASAP to secure as much as you can in your settlement.

We handle all sorts of case types:

Want an attorney that actually has your best interests at heart? Steve works for honest and fair compensation for his clients, which translates into a better understanding of his clients feeling taken care of. Being recently injured leaves victims lost and confused in paperwork and legal jargon. Steve is your #1 choice for outstanding legal services and winning you compensation for your suffering.

Get fair compensation for your Palmyra accident injury; contact personal injury lawyer Steve Caya now.