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When you have been injured in an accident the well-being of you and your family is your number one priority. If your injury has left you unable to work, or unable to work at full capacity, paying the bills and keeping up with day-to-day living expenses can become increasingly difficult.

Injuries that were sustained because of the negligence of another party – a person, company, or product – can be legally compensated. With the help of an injury lawyer in Janesville, you can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Steve Caya is a personal injury lawyer practicing in Wisconsin, specifically the cities of Janesville and Beloit. Practicing a variety of serious personal injury cases, Steve has more than 25 years of experience litigating on behalf of injured Janesville and Beloit residents.

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  • Beloit Personal Injury Attorney Defective Products Compensation - You come into contact with thousands of products every day and likely do not worry about potential dangers. Every product carries an implied warranty that it is safe for its intended use. However, a defective or damaged product can sometimes cause severe, and even deadly, damages
  • Janesville Injury Lawyer Nursing Home Neglect - It seems unfathomable that a nursing home would neglect the people entrusted to its care. Sadly, it happens all the time. Long-term care facilities often try to cut costs by reducing staff and hiring untrained and overworked employees
  • Janesville Injury Lawyer Serious Injuries - Serious accidents cause serious injuries, which can leave you hospitalized and unable to work or provide for your family. Consult with a Janesville injury lawyer to learn about your legal options and take action
  • Janesville Personal Injury Attorney Catastrophic Injuries - A catastrophic injury is life-altering, resulting in dramatic changes to every aspect of your life – including your income and the addition of steep medical expenses. Get the compensation you deserve by calling a lawyer who can help
  • Janesville Injury Lawyer Neck, Back, or Spine Injuries - Your neck, back and spine are vulnerable parts of your body and often the most exposed in automobile and motorcycle accidents. If you are injured do not delay – seek legal representation as soon as possible
  • Janesville Brain Injury Attorney Brain Injuries - Janesville brain injury attorney, Steve Caya will consult with your doctor to understand the severity of your head or brain injury in order to get you the compensation you deserve – and need – to cover your medical bills
  • Premises Liability - Property owners are required to maintain a safe environment for residents and/or customers. Injuries stemming from sidewalk slip-and-falls, uneven carpet or slippery floors are all common premises liability cases
  • Janesville Personal Injury Attorney Dog Bites - Most of us have experienced the love of a dog, but they are still animals capable of causing severe damage to your limbs or face. A Janesville injury lawyer can represent you against the responsible party to help you pay the resulting medical bills
  • Janesville Car Accident Lawyer Drunk Driving Accidents - Wisconsin has the highest rate of intoxicated drivers in the country. If a drunk driver was responsible for your accident you should take action against them for your injuries. Attorney Steve Caya can help you file a lawsuit
  • Janesville Personal Injury Attorney Pedestrian Accidents - Motorists are not always aware of the bikers and pedestrians around them, resulting in serious and often fatal accidents. Take action quickly to ensure you and your loved ones are properly compensated
  • Janesville Wrongful Death Law Firm Wrongful Death - Working with Nowlan & Mouat LLP, a Janesville wrongful death law firm, Steve Caya has successfully represented wrongful death claims in Wisconsin for more than 25 years
  • Janesville Injury Lawyer Motorcycle Injuries - Have you or your loved one been injured in a motorcycle crash? If so, you should talk to an attorney to learn about the legal options are available to you
  • Janesville Auto Accident Lawyer Auto Accident - Transportation is an essential part of life, but as a result so are auto accidents. As an experienced auto accident lawyer in Janesville, Steve Caya is very familiar with Wisconsin laws and able to represent you after an accident
  • Janesville Car Accident Lawyer Car Accident Injury Lawyers - Cars are an important part of our way of life. Unfortunately, car accidents are also a leading cause of injury in Wisconsin, as well as the rest of the country
  • Janesville Auto Accident Lawyer Truck Accidents - Truck accidents can cause some of the most serious damage and can also be some of the most complicated types of cases
  • Janesville Personal Injury Attorney Bicycle Accidents - Complex insurance issues can arise when a person is injured in an accident while riding a scooter, moped or bicycle