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ATV Accident Lawyer in Janesville, Wisconsin

ATV injuries, especially those involving instances of a rollover, can be devastating. If an ATV tips and rolls over on the rider, they may cause broken bones, abdominal trauma, internal bleeding, and in some cases even death. Some common sources of ATV accidents can be drunk driving, premises liability, defective vehicle components, and lack of proper operating instruction. 

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Insurance companies calculate settlement offers based on the reputation of your personal injury lawyer. Steve Caya fights for (and wins) fair financial compensation for his clients: like these personal injury case examples. Ready to make them pay? Schedule a free case assessment today. Want to meet in person but aren't able to come to our law office in Janesville? We will gladly come to you anywhere in Wisconsin to discuss your case.


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Life-changing damages from an ATV accident

Whatever the cause may be, if you or someone you know has been the unfortunate victim of an ATV accident, you may be entitled to legal compensation. With the right representation, you may be surprised what you are legally owed. Personal injury lawyer Steve Caya and his team of expert legal specialists will thoroughly examine the details surrounding your case in order to give you the best legal counsel possible. 

ATV accidents may result in:

Hire a quality four wheeler accident lawyer

Three wheelers, four wheelers, and other ATV’s can be a fun and entertaining way to do some off-road exploring. However, if proper care is not taken, ATV’s can turn disastrous quickly. Even the most careful and experienced riders can find themselves in a bad situation if negligence is involved.

If someone has improperly taken care of their property, caused you or your ATV harm while intoxicated, or if you suspect your safety equipment may have failed, call personal injury attorney Steve Caya and his team of legal experts today to file a personal injury claim

Don’t let negligence go unpunished, and quit paying for someone else’s mistake. You are entitled to maximum monetary compensation for your personal injury.

What is the average ATV accident settlement offer? 

No average settlement calculator is able to account for the additional compensation victims receive from being represented by a lawyer like Steve Caya. The largest factor in determining the value of your personal injury settlement depends on the quality of your representation.

The only goal of "settlement mill" law firms is to rush you through the process ASAP so they can get their check. Insurance companies know and rely on this to pay victims the lowest amount possible. Our entire goal is to get you every penny you deserve while making the process as easy on you as possible. Steve previously worked for the insurance companies before deciding to help those who actually need it, so he knows how to counter every one of their little tricks.

Maximize your potential compensation for your pain and suffering by contacting Steve Caya today to schedule a FREE case consultation.


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ATV accident FAQ

Unfortunately, auto insurance does not cover ATV accidents. ATV insurance can be purchased but is separate from an auto policy. If you were injured on someone else’s property, your injuries may be covered by their homeowners liability insurance.

Here's a list of tips to help you talk to an insurance company after an accident:

  1. Notify your insurance carrier that you’ve been in an accident IMMEDIATELY. Waiting only weakens your claim, especially if you’ve been injured.
  2. See a doctor, even if you’re not sure you’ve been injured. Some injuries can take hours or days to show up. Records from a medical professional explaining your injuries will be invaluable in backing up your claim.
  3. Be careful during phone calls with insurance adjusters. When speaking on the phone with an insurance adjuster, understand that the insurance company will try to pressure you into taking a lowball settlement. Know who you’re talking to, decline requests to record the conversation, take notes, limit the amount of details you give and don’t ever settle immediately.
  4. Include compelling evidence of trauma from the accident. Evidence can include:
  • Journals detailing the accident's effects on your everyday life
  • Medical records concerning your emotional distress
  • Photographs of the accident and aftermath
  • Witness statements for the accident itself or its impact on your daily life.

Steve can really empathize with what you're going through after his own serious motorcycle accident. He can understand the pain and suffering you're going through since he's been there before himself. He has years of experience winning seven-figure verdicts and settlements for personal injury lawsuits and claims. Contact Attorney Steve Caya for a free case consultation, anywhere in Wisconsin.

The amount of time a lawsuit will take depends on many factors and is unique to every case. Many personal injury claims settle before filing a lawsuit is needed, but we'll take the insurance companies to court if they are trying to play hardball. We will fight for your rights, no matter how long it takes.

Steve operates under a no win, no fee policy. If you don't win any compensation, you don't pay any fees. We offer free case evaluation and will come to you anywhere in Wisconsin.

Hire quality representation for off-road accidents

An off-road adventure can be a relatively safe, wonderful experience so long as proper safety precautions are taken. However, even the slightest irresponsible behaviors or unsafe equipment can have dire consequences. 

We strongly suggest that you thoroughly inspect your ATV and be aware of your surroundings. But if it’s too late and you find yourself with crippling medical bills, let Steve Caya help alleviate some of the burden. With the help of his expert legal team, Steve will do everything in his power to ensure that you walk away with the resources you need to live a happy and healthy life.

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