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Get Compensation for Devastating Head Trauma

Enduring a terrible head injury entails far more than treating just a small cut or bruise. A traumatic head injury such as a skull fracture, concussion, or penetrating head trauma is extremely serious and requires expert medical care—and experienced legal counsel.

After a serious accident, Walworth brain injury victims turn to personal injury attorney Steve Caya for help. With more than 30 years of experience, he has the resources to get you the compensation you deserve. Living with a potentially permanent brain condition is difficult enough; trust Steve to take care of you and your financial circumstance.

The 6 Most Common Types of Brain Injuries

Signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can surface days or even weeks after the accident. Even if you feel fine after a serious blow to the head, consult a medical professional immediately. Early diagnostic testing can improve your chances of a full recovery, and can also help the success of your personal injury claim.

Some of the most common brain injuries include:

  1. Skull fractures
  2. Concussion
  3. Diffuse Axonal
  4. Shaken Baby Syndrome
  5. Contusion
  6. Penetration

Head trauma is no small matter. Headaches after a car accident can be symptoms of a serious brain injury. Don’t wait another minute; call attorney Steve Caya now for a free consultation!

Dangerous Causes of Brain Damage

Dealing with the cause of a brain injury can be just as complicated as managing the symptoms. Events that can cause serious brain injury include: 

Your brain injury may entitle you to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Steve Caya consults brain injury experts and conducts a complete evaluation to determine a full and FAIR compensation amount. Be confident in knowing that you and your family can plan for the best possible outcome after a catastrophic accident.

Wisconsin Residents Get the Compensation They Deserve

Have you recently been in a brain-damaging motorcycle accident or car crash? Waiting to contact a lawyer threatens your compensation. As time passes, vital evidence fades away and hurts your chances of receiving maximum coverage. Walworth’s personal injury lawyer Steve Caya understands the hardship and suffering you’re going through with an unfortunate brain injury. His focus is getting you the fair and honest compensation you deserve. He also works on a no win, no fee basis; if your case fails to collect, you don’t owe a thing.

Contact Walworth’s brain injury attorney Steve Caya to get the financial compensation you need.