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Hip fractures are commonly thought of as an older person’s injury, but anyone in a motor vehicle accident or a serious fall can have their hip broken. It’s a serious injury that usually requires surgery to repair the damage (or even replace the hip joint), followed by months of physical therapy.

If you’ve suffered a broken hip in an auto accident caused by someone else, you have every right to take legal action to ensure you are compensated for your injury. Even if you fell on a slippery sidewalk, don’t just assume it was your own clumsiness. Often, there are other parties who can be held at least partly responsible for your fall. Personal injury attorney Steve Caya and his associates look into every possibility to find those who can be held liable for your injury.

What is a fractured hip worth on an accident claim?

A broken hip or pelvis is always a serious injury, but the amount you’re able to collect in a hip injury claim can vary based on many factors – especially the quality of your attorney.

The best way to find out what your hip injury lawsuit could be worth is to discuss your case with an experienced hip injury lawyer. Steve Caya has won numerous six and seven-figure settlements for accident victims.

Hip injury settlement example: $125,000 recovery for hip injury caused by slip and fall

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Broken Hip Injury Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Wisconsin

Symptoms of a hip fracture:

  • Inability to move right after a fall
  • Severe hip or groin pain
  • Pain when putting weight on the leg of your injured hip
  • Swelling, bruising and stiffness in hip area
  • Leg on side of broken hip is shorter than the other leg
  • Leg on side of injured hip is shorter or turned outward

Experienced Broken Hip Injury Lawyer for Southeast Wisconsin

Attorney Steve Caya has over 30 years of experience as a personal injury attorney, and a long list of accolades from both industry peers and clients. He is known as an ethical attorney committed to making broken bone injury victims whole again. From his home base in Janesville, Attorney Steve Caya represents clients throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Common causes of broken hips

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Falling from ladder
  • Sports injuries (especially skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, football)

If you’ve suffered a broken hip due to someone else’s negligence and are considering filing suit, don’t put it off too long. Evidence critical to your case can fade away, and witnesses’ memories often become fuzzy with time. Take advantage of Attorney Caya’s offer of a free initial consultation and set up an appointment today.

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