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Broken rib injuries are one of the most common injuries after a chest trauma accident. Broken ribs are usually left to heal on their own over a few months, but come with severe pain and the potential for serious complications.

If your injury and complications were the fault of someone else’s actions you could be entitled to seek a fair settlement. Personal injury lawyer Steve Caya has over 30 years of experience to get you the compensation you deserve.

Broken Ribs Injury from Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Wisconsin

Causes of broken rib injuries:

An accident can be a disorienting event, but that pain in your chest could be the result of a broken rib.


Case study: Steve Caya secures a $575,000 settlement for an elderly car accident victim with broken ribs

How to know if you have a broken rib

Experiencing pain in your chest doesn’t necessarily mean that your rib is broken. Cracked ribs can be painful, but are less dangerous than broken ribs. The pain associated with broken ribs usually happens when you:

  • Press on the affected area
  • Twist your body
  • Take a deep breath

Chest pain after a car accident can be caused by a number of injuries, some of them life-threatening. Always get it checked out by a medical professional to protect your health and injury claim.

Some common broken rib injury complications include: