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The most common cause of a broken wrist is landing hard on an outstretched hand during a fall. If your fall was the result of a someone else’s negligence (such as a failure to keep a sidewalk clear of snow and ice, or not mopping up a wet entryway in a building), you have every right to be compensated for the medical expenses you’ve incurred. Broken wrists are also common with car and motorcycle accidents.

Speaking of medical expenses, it’s important to get medical treatment after an accident that injures your hand or wrist. You may think it’s just a bad bruise and the pain will go away, but if there’s a fracture the bones may not heal properly and this could impact your ability to do anything involving the use of that hand. 

When you've been seriously hurt in an accident, contact personal injury attorney Steve Caya immediately for a free case consultation - and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Average broken wrist compensation amounts

Compensation depends on many different factors including the severity of your injury, medical expenses, lost wages and lost earning power, and most of all the quality of your lawyer.

The only way to find out the actual value of a wrist fracture claim is to discuss the details of your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Steve Caya has won six figure wrist injury settlements for accident victims with bone fractures. Our law office is in Janesville, but we’ll come to you anywhere in the state for a free consultation.

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Steps To Get The Best Settlement From Broken Wrist Injuries

How To Get The Best Settlement From Broken Wrist Injuries

  • 1.
    Record & preserve evidence of your broken wrist

    Evidence is the most important aspect of determining liability. The other party’s insurance and legal team will do whatever they can to prove your fault.

  • 2.
    Seek medical attention

    Get medical treatment, even if you're not sure of the extent of your broken wrist.

  • 3.
    Hire a personal injury lawyer

    The other party’s insurance team is going to fight to pay as little as they can. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney like Steve Caya will help ensure no stone is left unturned to get you the settlement you deserve.

  • 4.
    Document your expenses

    Having a complete list of your financial losses due to your injury is the best way to help your attorney determine the settlement you deserve.

  • 5.
    Do not talk to the other party’s insurance company

    After your claim is filed, the other party’s insurance will begin an investigation to determine liability. It is in their best interest to put any percentage of fault they can on the victim. They will use everything they can from your conversations to do so. Leave any contact with them to your experienced attorney.

  • 6.
    Negotiate a settlement

    Though difficult in some cases, it is important to remain patient and allow your lawyer to negotiate the best possible settlement. Insurance companies will do what they can to get you to quickly accept their first offer, even more so if you are experiencing financial hardships and need that money quickly. Steve Caya and his experienced team will fight for every dollar you deserve.

Broken Wrist Injury Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Wisconsin

Symptoms of a broken wrist or hand

  • Intense pain that increases when gripping, squeezing or moving your hand
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness in the wrist area
  • A bent wrist or other deformity in the hand
  • Tingling or numbness in the hand or fingers
  • Inability to freely move your fingers or thumb

Experienced broken wrist injury lawyer for Southeast Wisconsin

From his home base in Janesville, Attorney Steve Caya represents accident victims in personal injury lawsuits throughout the state of Wisconsin. Recognized by industry peers and clients alike for his ethics and professionalism, attorney Steve Caya and his team are committed to making accident victims whole again.

He works with medical experts to build a strong case for compensation that will restore your broken bone injury in the best way possible. His no win, no fee policy ensures you don’t owe him a thing if he doesn’t win your case.

Common causes of broken wrists and hands

If your injured wrist was caused by someone else’s negligence in a motorcycle crash, you may be entitled to compensation.

In cases of sports injuries and bicycle accidents, you might think you have no one to blame for your broken wrist but yourself, but there may be others whose actions (or inaction) contributed to you falling. Attorney Caya and his associates are often able to identify those who can be held accountable.

Motorcycle accident wrist injuries are typically caused by the rider trying to break his or her fall after a collision. The most common motorcycle wrist injury is a scaphoid fracture (one of several small bones in the wrist). Because the scaphoid bone is near the thumb, motorcyclists suffering a broken scaphoid may experience a lack of grip, affecting their everyday life.

Get full restitution for your broken wrist injury

There’s no reason you should be financially responsible for an injury someone else caused. Let Attorney Steve Caya and his team get you the restitution you deserve. With over 30 years of experience and a long list of satisfied clients, Steve Caya is the personal injury attorney you want representing you.

The sooner you get started on filing a claim for your injury, the better. Take advantage of a free initial consultation with Attorney Caya.

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