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Construction Accident Lawyer in Wisconsin

Helping You Become Whole After an Accident on a Construction Site

You’ve suffered an injury on the jobsite and you’re wondering what comes next. Can you receive worker’s compensation? Am I going to be saddled with a mountain of medical bills? Do I have a legal case?

You need to devote your attention to healing and taking care of yourself physically. You also need the BEST personal injury attorney who will fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

When the Injury is Not Your Fault, You Deserve Compensation

Entire departments of construction companies are dedicated to providing the safest possible work environment for their employees. Commercial and residential construction projects involve heavy machinery and huge parts for buildings or roads, and strict safety procedures must be followed to minimize liabilities. Handling all of these tools and materials involves a significant safety risk.

Even the most responsible, attentive employee may suffer an injury on the jobsite. There’s just too much out of your control to expect risk to be absolutely eliminated.

You need to know your options. Give us a call.

Faulty Equipment Could Be the Culprit

Heavy equipment manufacturers are continually trying to find ways to reduce costs, bring in higher profits, and increase efficiency. Unfortunately this opens up the risk of rushing the job through, missing the mark on quality checking and resulting in a massive accident waiting to happen.

If you or someone you know has suffered trauma or debilitating injury as a result of faulty construction, you may be entitled to legal compensation. You deserve every last penny when a product defect results in an injury. Make a personal injury claim as soon as possible to maximize your compensation. You know what to do - give us a call immediately for a free consultation.

Choose the right construction accident injury lawyer

Not all personal injury attorneys work the same - and insurers defending injury lawsuits know this. The amount of financial compensation you can collect depends largely on the quality of your representation. Steve Caya has decades of experience in both insurance and personal injury law. Check out examples of personal injury settlement amounts he's won for his clients, and contact us to learn your best options.

Toxic Mold Personal Injury Lawyer

Construction defects go beyond simple structural malfunctions. It can extend to any area where poor design or construction were the direct result of potential harm. This can include poor architectural planning, improper drainage precautions, or other design flaws that can lead to accumulations of toxic molds. 

Toxic mold can be extremely detrimental to your health, especially if it agitates already existing conditions. If poor building design or faulty construction has negatively impacted your health or wellbeing, it’s time to take a stand and give personal injury attorney Steve Caya a call today.

Struggling with an injury resulting from a construction jobsite accident? Do not wait! Contact personal injury attorney Steve Caya right now.