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Also known as maxillofacial trauma, facial injuries are the most common injury as a result of road traffic accidents. They usually cause trauma to multiple systems of the body, including neurologic, orthopedic and thoracic cavity. This causes a greater need for more frequent medical rehabilitation, and the cost for treatment will rise.

You deserve compensation for the medical and emotional expenses your facial trauma has caused. Steve Caya worked in the insurance industry before deciding to leave and represent the ordinary people. He knows all their little tricks and how to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact personal injury lawyer Steve Caya for a free consultation.

Can you sue for a facial scar?

Your ability to claim compensation depends on several factors like how severe the injury/scaring is, the level of impact it had/will have on your life & the amount of the accident that you are determined to be at fault for. If your face injury or scarring was caused by an accident you weren't entire at fault for, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Contact Steve Caya to schedule a free consultation and we'll help determine the strength of your case.

Average permanent disfigurement settlement amounts

Every injury, like every accident, is unique and there is no true average compensation or calculator for permanent scarring or permanent disfigurement. Compensation for permanent disfigurement or scarring depends on a multitude of factors. Among these, the most important are:

  • The location of the injury
    • Disfigurement and scarring that happens to your body that is viewable even when fully clothed, like facial scarring & disfigurement, tends to be worth much more.
  • The severity of the injury and the potential impact on your life (both personal and professional)
    • The severity and impact of the injury are the largest factors in determining the award. A facial scar to a model would be worth more than the same injury to a welder since it can drastically impact their ability to find work.
  • Your gender
    • All scarring and disfigurement cases, regardless of severity, are seen as more impactful to women and are worth more to insurance adjusters and juries than if they were male.

If your face injury and scarring was caused by an accident you weren’t entirely at fault for, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Winning a facial injury claim hinges on proving liability and standing up to the insurers and legal teams trying to minimize your settlement.

The best way to understand the value of your facial injury claim and win your case is by partnering with an experienced injury lawyer.

Case study: Steve Caya secures $150,000 settlement for a hunter accidentally shot in the face

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Causes of dangerous facial injury

If you’ve experienced any of the above accidents due to negligence, contact Steve Caya for his no win, no fee services. It’s important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible so vital evidence doesn’t slip away. The faster you get help, the better your chances of winning the compensation you deserve. 

Disfiguring Facial Injuries

No matter how minor they may seem, facial injuries can cause serious trauma to other systems of the body. They may lead to other issues including brain injuries, permanent disfiguration and complications.

Contact Steve Caya before you call your insurance company if you’ve experienced any facial injury, including:


Results from studies estimate wearing a motorcycle helmet can cut your risk of suffering facial trauma in a motorcycle crash by half.

Even while wearing a helmet, motorcycle riders can suffer facial injuries and facial trauma in an accident. Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) injuries among motorcycle accident victims can be extremely severe and require multiple reconstructive surgeries and years of rehabilitation.