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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Wisconsin

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You’re always careful when crossing a street, but you can’t account for other people’s driving. A texting teenager fails to pay attention to the road and sideswipes you. Who is your first and last line of defense as an injured pedestrian?

Unlike most firms, personal injury lawyer Steve Caya is sincere and honest with his clients. With 30 years of experience, he has the knowledge and resources needed to win you the settlement you deserve. He also works under a “no win, no fee” policy and guarantees full cost coverage if you’re not properly compensated.

Pedestrian accident case example: $600,000 settlement won for a pedestrian hit by a car. Steve Caya has won millions of dollars for Wisconsin residents injured in accidents. Explore more personal injury case settlements and contact our law office to learn how much your claim could be worth.

Suffering from a Catastrophic Injury? We’re the Advocate You Need

Recovering from a serious pedestrian injury drastically changes the way you live. You can’t work, drive, or live independently for several months, or even years. This impacts your income severely and dominoes into unpaid bills, mortgage, and other payments. You must seek full compensation for the damage to your standard of living. The sooner you make a personal injury claim, the better.

Severe pedestrian injuries include:

All the care and support you need comes from Steve Caya. Getting your health back requires proper compensation, and he understands the importance of doing so. We know winning the settlement means everything to our clients.

3 Reasons Why You Should Contact an Attorney Immediately

Just got injured as a pedestrian? Don’t wait any longer; the time to act is now.


  1. You’re already frustrated – You shouldn’t have to worry about anything else but your health. Let us take care of your legal worries and get you back to feeling whole again.
  2. The longer you wait, the quicker crucial evidence fades away – Steve Caya promptly starts gathering evidence, which is crucial in building your lawsuit. The more time ticks away, the more your compensation is affected.
  3. Your injuries aren’t getting any better – Pedestrian injuries are never minor. From back injuries to crushed bones, your body isn’t going to bounce-back right away. Contacting our personal injury firm immediately expedites the claim process so you can start putting your life back together right away.

You didn't ask for a broken leg when you decided to visit downtown Janesville on a Saturday afternoon. Get the compensation you deserve when you suffer a serious injury on account of a negligent driver.

Have you been injured as a pedestrian? Contact personal injury attorney Steve Caya right now.