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It’s bad enough you’ve been injured in a serious auto accident, but dealing with an insurance company that won’t make good on your claim just adds insult to injury. You can hope they’ll do the right thing and reimburse your medical expenses in full, but while you’re sitting there with your fingers crossed the bills keep coming in. If you’re tired of the delays and runarounds, it’s time to get an Wisconsin auto accident injury lawyer on your side.

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Steve Caya specializes in auto accident injury cases

“Why attorney Steve Caya?” you ask. Fair question. Before Steve became a personal injury attorney, he worked in the legal department of an insurance agency. He knows all the tricks insurance companies use to get away with lowball payments on injury claims. With Steve and his team representing you, it won’t be business as usual for them.

What car accident victims need to know about car accident lawsuits

In the state of Wisconsin, everyone involved in a car accident is found to be responsible for some part of the liability. If you're injured and not completely at fault, you're eligible to claim compensation via a settlement or trial. Before you get started, find out what injured victims need to know about filing a car accident lawsuit:

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Hiring an attorney may seem like an escalation of an already tense situation between you and your insurance company, and they may even tell you there’s no need for you to get a lawyer involved. Think of it this way, though: your insurance company has attorneys—lots of them. Why shouldn’t you have an attorney?

The best way to find out how Cottage Grove personal injury attorney Steve Caya can help you get the settlement you deserve is to take advantage of a free legal consultation. Steve will walk you through what’s involved in filing suit against your insurance company and, most importantly, explain why it’s the only way to get a fair settlement on your injury claim.

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