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Delavan Personal Injury Attorney for Auto Accident Injuries

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Few things in life turn your world upside down like a serious auto accident. It’s bad enough you’ve been injured, but when your insurance company delays payment on your claim, or denies it altogether, it makes a bad situation even worse. Whether you’re dealing with your own insurance company or the insurance company of an at-fault driver, you need Wisconsin auto accident injury lawyer to get the settlement you’re owed. You need Steve Caya.

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Before personal injury attorney Steve Caya started his law practice, he spent 13 years representing insurance companies. He knows exactly how insurance companies try to get away with paying less on injury claims. Since 2003, he’s made it his mission to help accident victims get what they’re owed. Every last cent.

What Delavan car accident victims must know about car accident lawsuits

Filing a claim for injuries sustained in a car crash can feel overwhelming - and even backfire on you if you don't understand the legal processes involved. Before you get started, find out what injured victims need to know about filing a car accident lawsuit:

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Not sure you need a Delavan personal injury attorney? Think your insurance company will come through for you in time? Don’t count on it. The longer you wait to get legal help, the harder it becomes to mount a case. You even risk losing the opportunity to file suit due to the Statute of Limitations.

At the very least, take advantage of a free legal consultation with Steve Caya. We’ll explain what’s at stake and what we can do to get you the settlement you deserve so you can get on with your life. There’s no obligation whatsoever to hire us. If you do, though, there’s no financial risk to you. If we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us a thing.

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