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A serious auto accident changes your world in an instant. Your life becomes one surgery or hospital visit after another. Little things like walking up and down stairs are now a major struggle. And the bills just keep coming in. So when your insurance company delays payment on your claim, or sends you a settlement check for far less than your expenses, it’s time to get an experienced Wisconsin auto accident injury lawyer on your side.

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Few attorneys know what you’re going through like Steve Caya, who himself had to deal with serious fractures and multiple surgeries when an inattentive drive turned in front of him and caused him to crash his motorcycle at 55 mph. It took Steve over a year to recover, and he’s been on a mission ever since to help accident victims get full restitution from their insurance companies.

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Before attorney Steve Caya represented accident victims, he spent 13 years working for insurance companies. He knows all the dirty tricks insurance companies use to avoid paying out on legitimate injury claims. In 2003, Steve had enough of it and transitioned to a law firm representing accident victims, then opened his own practice. If you want an Eagle personal injury attorney with experience and ethics, as well as a successful record of getting clients the restitution they deserve, you want Steve Caya representing you.

What car accident victims in Eagle need to understand about car accident lawsuits

Before you file a claim for injuries sustained in a car accident, find out what you need to understand about filing a car accident claim in Wisconsin:

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Even if you’re on the fence about hiring an attorney, at least take advantage of a free, no obligation legal consultation with Steve Caya. You’ll get an honest assessment of your case and a clear explanation of what’s at stake and how your case would proceed. Should you hire us, there’s no financial risk to you whatsoever. If we don’t walk out of court victorious, you won’t owe us a thing.

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