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Car Accident Attorney for Crash Victims in Elkhorn

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Like most people, you’ve been dutifully paying your auto insurance for years. You’re confident if you’re even in an accident your insurance will be there to cover the cost of your medical care and car repairs. Unfortunately, it hardly ever works out that way. If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably figured that out already.

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While you’re struggling to pick up the broken pieces of your life after an accident, your insurance company is scheming ways to delay, devalue or flat out deny payment on your claim. You can contest their settlement on your own, but you’ll be up against a battalion of high-priced lawyers. The only way you stand a chance is with an experienced Wisconsin car accident injury attorney at your side—an attorney like Steve Caya.

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Before you file a claim, it's important to understand what you can expect to deal with in terms of insurance companies, their legal teams, and the process of filing a Wisconsin car accident lawsuit.

Experienced auto accident attorney for Elkhorn accident victims

Before representing auto accident victims, Elkhorn personal injury attorney Steve Caya represented insurance companies. He knows every dirty trick they pull to delay and deny payment on legitimate injury claims. And he knows how to get results. Named one of the top 100 trial lawyers in Wisconsin by the National Trial Lawyer’s Association, and repeatedly honored as a Wisconsin Super Lawyer by Super Lawyer’s Magazine, attorney Steve Caya gives you big town experience and small town service.

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Even if you’re not entirely sure you need an attorney, take advantage of a free, no-obligation legal consultation with our law firm. We’ll let you know where you stand legally and what to expect if you hire us to help with your injury claim.

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