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Hip pain after a car accident
Hip, pelvic or thigh pain from a car accident can derail your life. Protect yourself by getting a medical diagnosis & professional review of your injury claim.
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Hip Pain After a Car Accident can be Costly

In some cases, hip pain after a car accident can be minor and temporary. Hip and pelvic injuries can also be very serious, costing huge amounts of time and money.

Whether or not you’re able to collect compensation in the form of a hip injury settlement depends on the circumstances of your crash, what you do next, and the quality of attorney representing your claim.

Understanding what types of hip, pelvis or thigh injuries can be caused by a car wreck, how symptoms may present, and the scope of treatment you may need is part of determining what a fair settlement amount could look like for your claim.

If someone else caused the car accident, or if you were mostly not at fault, you likely have a case. Steve Caya is an award-winning trial lawyer representing accident victims throughout Wisconsin. There’s no obligation for a free claim review. Reach out today and share your experience.

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Hip pain after a car accident
Hip, pelvic or thigh pain from a car accident can derail your life. Protect yourself by getting a medical diagnosis & professional review of your injury claim.
Take a stand. Get compensated. get a free case consultation

What causes hip pain after a car accident?

The blunt force trauma from a collision can easily cause hip injury and pain, especially when the impact was on the side of the vehicle. Hip pain can also result from a head-on collision where a foot or bent knee is jammed against the front of the vehicle, transferring the force of the impact into the hip joint.

May types of hip, pelvis or thigh injuries are possible depending on your position when the crash happened, as well as any preexisting conditions. Pelvic injury can also occur as a result of seat belt pressure.

Symptoms to expect from a hip or pelvic injury

The hip joint is large, weight-bearing, and articulates with the pelvis and thigh bones. Because of its complexity and proximity to internal organs, you can have a wide range of symptoms after injuring this area in a car accident.

Some of the most common symptoms of hip or pelvic injury include:

  • Pain in the front of the hip
  • Pain the groin area
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Tenderness and/or visible bruising
  • Hip pain or weakness when walking
  • Stiffness or popping in the hip joint
  • Sharp, sudden hip pain when moving
  • Instability or inability to bear weight
  • Persistent hip pain
  • Intermittent hip pain
  • Pain in the lower abdomen or pubic region
  • Pain on the inside or outside of the hip
  • Hip flexor pain
  • Pelvic floor pain

Hip pain can present immediately after a crash, or be delayed. Always have your hip pain checked out by a doctor, whether it arises days or even weeks after the crash.

Delayed hip pain after a car accident

It’s entirely possible to not feel any pain right after a car accident and still be injured. You might sustain a hip injury in a motor vehicle collision and not notice any pain until hours, days, even weeks later.

Delayed pain after a car accident is typically the result of adrenaline or endorphins. Your body can release any number of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) in response to the shock of a car accident. These can block feelings of pain, even though the injury is very real.

It’s important to seek medical attention for delayed hip pain as soon as you notice it. First, you need to get a diagnosis and start treatment to take care of your health. Second, you need to create documentation of the delayed hip pain to protect your personal injury claim.

When you submit a hip injury claim after a car accident, the legal team representing the liable insurer is going to look for ways not to pay it, or to reduce the amount they have to pay. Claims involving delayed pain are likely to face even greater scrutiny and pushback.

The best thing you can do to strengthen your case is promptly seek professional medical treatment for delayed hip pain caused by the accident. Then call an experienced personal injury attorney for advice on your next best steps.

How long can hip pain last after a car accident?

How long hip, pelvic, or leg pain lasts after a car accident is different for each injured person. The answer depends on the nature and severity of your injury, your personal health history, age, and more. Everyone has a different pain tolerance and potential for recovery.

In some cases hip pain resolves on its own within a few days after the crash, or you could be living with hip pain months (or even years) after a car accident. All the more reason to seek professional help.

Types of hip injuries after a car accident

The hip joint has many components, and there are many types of hip injuries that could be causing your pain after a car crash. Some of the most common hip injuries from a collision include:

Hip fracture – A broken hip can refer to a fracture of the hip socket (acetabular) or fracture of the upper thigh bone (femur). Hip fractures almost always require surgery. Recovering from a hip fracture can take a long time and involve pain management.

Hip strain or sprain – Hip strain happens when any of the muscles surrounding the hip joint is injured or torn. A hip sprain is when one of the ligaments around your hip is injured or torn. Depending on the severity, surgery may be required.

Hip dislocation – Hip dislocation is extremely painful and can make standing impossible. When the ball of the hip joint has popped out of place you need a doctor to determine whether they can reposition the joint or if surgery is called for. Hip dislocation recovery is at minimum a couple of months, and there are often chronic, even permanent repercussions.

Hip bursitis – Car accidents can cause hip bursitis due to the blunt force trauma in a collision. Bursitis is a condition where the fluid-filled sacs cushioning the moving parts of the hip become inflamed. It’s very painful, and may require physical therapy, corticosteroid shots or even surgery to correct.

Hip tendinitis – Hip tendinitis is when the tendons near the hip joint become irritated or inflamed. Tendinitis is usually caused by overuse, but it can also result from a sudden hip injury.

Labral tear – A car accident can cause a hip labral tear as the result of blunt trauma. The labrum is a ring of cartilage around the outside rim of the hip socket. It provides cushioning and stability to the hip joint. A mild labral tear could heal with rest and anti-inflammatory drugs. Treatment for severe tears can involve bracing, injections, physical therapy or surgery.

Treatment for serious hip injuries is often very involved and painful with lengthy recovery time. All of this costs money – money you shouldn’t be responsible for paying when your hip injury was caused by another driver’s negligence.

Getting a medical diagnosis for your hip pain after a car accident, and sharing your experience with a personal injury attorney are the two best moves you can make to protect your financial future.

Types of pelvic injuries after a car accident

The pelvis has a unique and complex structure, and is very near many internal organs, major blood vessels and nerves. Pelvic injuries from a car crash are usually the result of significant trauma. The most common types include pelvic fractures and pelvic ligament injuries.

Pelvic pain after car accident
Pelvic pain from a car accident can be debilitating. You don't have to go through it alone.
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Pelvic ligament injuries

Injury to pelvic ligaments can cause pain in the lower back and throughout the pelvic region. There are many different ligaments supporting and stabilizing the pelvis. These ligaments can be strained or torn in a car accident and take months to heal.

Pelvic fractures

Anterior-posterior (front to back) compression fractures in the pelvis are usually caused by a front or rear impact which causes the pelvic ring to break.

Lateral (from the side) compression fractures break the pelvic ring and cause a displaced fracture of the pubic bone.

Vertical shear injuries are rare and extremely serious. The pelvic ring is disrupted near the center, and one side of the pelvis is displaced vertically. Vertical shear pelvic fractures are usually caused by landing on your feet after a long drop, but can also happen in rollover accidents.

Pelvic fracture is a very serious injury which can cause internal bleeding or organ damage. One or more surgeries may be required, depending on the extent of the damage. Severe pelvic fractures have a high incidence of chronic pain and limited functionality.

If you’ve suffered a pelvic injury from a crash someone else caused, make sure you consult an experienced attorney who will do everything possible to win the settlement you need to make a full recovery.

Thigh pain after a car accident

Thigh pain after car accident
Thigh injuries can have a long recovery process. Don't pay for someone else's mistake.
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Thigh pain from a motor vehicle collision can be caused by a pinched nerve, broken bone or soft tissue injury. Injuries to the thigh area can result from a front or side impact, or from secondary impacts if you’re tossed around in a rollover crash. Because thighs play a critical part in stability and mobility, thigh injuries from a car accident can be very painful and expensive to recover from.

Common causes of thigh pain after a car accident

Thigh pain can be caused by many different injuries from a motor vehicle collision, including:

  • Broken femur (thigh bone)
  • Dislocated femur at knee or hip
  • Hyperextension of knee ligaments
  • Ruptured ligaments (ACL, PCL) or tendons
  • Strained or torn thigh muscles
  • Contusion or hematoma

Back injuries can also cause thigh and leg pain after a car accident. Whiplash, strained back muscles or a misaligned spine can lead to pin in the hips and legs. Seeking medical attention and a proper diagnosis is imperative to treat the root cause of your thigh pain.

Thigh pain symptoms

Thigh pain after a car accident can involve a range of symptoms including:

  • Inner thigh pain
  • Delayed thigh pain
  • Sciatica
  • Calf or shin pain
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Redness/inflammation
  • Numbness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Muscle weakness
  • Stiffness/limited range of motion
  • Bruising

Some injuries and symptoms involving thigh pain may not surface until hours or days after a car accident. Start with an accurate diagnosis from a doctor, then contact a personal injury lawyer to learn about your options for compensation.

Getting compensated for hip & pelvic pain after a car accident

From a thigh contusion to chronic hip pain affecting you for months or years after the car accident, you have a right to sue for damages. This is why insurance premiums are paid, and Steve Caya knows exactly what it takes to make them pay a truly fair amount for your losses, pain and suffering.

The cost of hip, thigh and pelvic injuries after a motor vehicle accident goes beyond the dollar amounts on your medical bills, car repair invoice, and missed paychecks. Hip pain after a car accident can keep you from your favorite activities, ruin your sleep, and cause you to miss out on plans with family and friends.

Settling too soon after your car accident can leave you on the hook for follow-up treatments, physical therapy, diminished earning potential and other losses you didn’t take into account. If the responsible insurer is pressuring you to settle, get your injury claim reviewed by a personal injury lawyer before you sign anything. Once you accept a settlement offer, you lose the right to file another claim, even if you encounter additional accident-related expenses down the road.

Car accident settlements for hip, pelvis & leg injuries

$450,000 for fractured pelvis from a car accident

Attorney Steve Caya secured this settlement for a client who was a passenger in a car crash.

$400,000 for a hip injury from a car accident

This settlement was secured for a client who suffered a severe hip injury in a crash.

$300,000 settlement for hip & leg injuries from a crash

Attorney Caya secured this settlement after his client's insurance company denied responsibility.

$280,000 for an inner thigh injury from a collision

After a lowball offer from the insurer, attorney Caya filed a lawsuit & won a much higher settlement.

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