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Negligent drivers in icy & snowy conditions must pay

Wisconsin roads are subjected to ice, snow, rain and fog throughout the majority of the year. Inevitably, this leads to difficult driving conditions that can contribute to car accidents. Drivers involved in winter car accidents often blame the icy roads for the fact they crashed into your vehicle. In reality, most icy road car accidents boil down to the driver’s negligence.

Drivers are required to act with a certain standard of care at all times. In inclement weather, this means they must act with the same caution that any reasonable person would use in similar circumstances. Limited visibility due to fog and slippery roads due to ice and snow may call for reduced speed, extra space between cars, or even pulling over if conditions make driving unsafe.

Failure to make reasonable driving adjustments for road conditions can result in the driver being found negligent, and therefore you may receive compensation for your injuries.

In some cases, other parties, such as the government, could be found negligent in icy road car accidents. This is significantly harder to prove, as the government had to a) be aware of the road conditions and b) fail to fix the road conditions in a reasonable amount of time. Following this road to receive compensation will require the skill of an experienced attorney.

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How to seek compensation after an icy road crash

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Can you sue for icy road conditions?

There are a few things to consider before you file your a car accident lawsuit to pursue compensation. If you believe you have an icy road accident claim, consult with Steve Caya to get you the best settlement for your case.

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