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A serious car accident puts your entire life on hold. While you’re laid up with injuries, your insurance company’s legal team is hard at work figuring out how the company can pay the least possible amount on your injury claim. Your only chance to get the settlement payment you deserve is with an experienced Wisconsin personal injury lawyer fighting for your rights.

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Besides physical injuries, a serious auto accident can leave you with enormous medical bills. Your car is likely totaled, as well. Long after your injuries heal, you could very well be struggling with the financial aftermath of the accident. You need an experienced personal injury attorney near Janesville to sort through all the details of the accident and build a compelling case for full restitution.  

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Whether your accident happened in town or on Interstate 39/90, you can count on Steve Caya and his experienced auto accident lawyers to fight for your right to be fully compensated for your injuries. With Steve Caya’s no win, no fee guarantee, your costs will be covered if damages aren’t collected.

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