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Pain & Suffering Compensation After a Car Accident in Jefferson, WI

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Not sure you really need a lawyer? Consider this: while you’re recovering from the injuries you received in your accident, a swarm of insurance company lawyers are scheming ways to delay payment on your claim, or deny it altogether. Do you really want to deal with their shenanigans on your own? Or do you want an experienced Wisconsin car accident injury attorney fighting for your rights? In Jefferson accident cases, Steve Caya is ready when you are.

Important car accident lawsuit information

If you've been injured in a car accident that wasn't your fault (or for which you were only partly to blame) you have the right to seek financial compensation by filing a Wisconsin car accident lawsuits. You only get one chance to get the settlement you deserve - find out what car accident victims need to know before filing:

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The only thing worse than being laid up for weeks after a serious car accident is being laid up and stressed out over all the medical bills that keep coming in. Your insurance company says they’re working hard to get your claim settled, but weeks go by without a check. Then, when it arrives, it’s far less than you expected. Now you know why so many accident victims hire an attorney to sue their insurance company.

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To get a fair settlement check, you need an experienced Jefferson personal injury attorney. In the Jefferson, WI area, attorney Steve Caya and his legal team represent all kinds of auto and truck accident victims—from whiplash cases to life-threatening injury cases.

With over 30 years of experience dealing with insurance companies, Steve and his associates know how to get the most money for accident victims. Caya offers a free initial consultation to accident victims. Additionally, their no win, no fee guarantee ensures you don’t owe anything if no damages are awarded.

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