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Lawyer Up for these 5 Minor Car Accident Instances

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No matter how minor the accident, any pain after a collision should be checked out.
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If you’re in a minor car accident you might wonder whether or not it’s worth getting a lawyer involved. Don’t let your perception of the “seriousness” of the accident determine wither you seek legal help.

Some minor car accident claims can be resolved fairly on your own, while others require the insight and resources of an experienced car accident attorney to reach a fair settlement.

Here are five times to consider hiring a car accident lawyer for a ‘minor’ accident:

1: Severe or long-term injuries

Even a minor car accident can result in serious injury or conditions requiring long-term treatment. Pain and other symptoms may have delayed onset or be masked by adrenaline in the immediate aftermath of the collision.

Major injuries can and do result from minor accidents. When your health and financial future are on the line, a good personal injury lawyer will help you determine a fair amount for a full recovery – and fight for your right to receive it.

Common minor car accident injuries

The most frequent types of injuries after a minor auto accident include:

Many injuries common in minor crashes (like whiplash or concussion) can seem mild just after the accident and develop into more severe conditions over time.

Soft tissues in the neck and back are particularly susceptible to injury, even at low speeds. A sudden, unexpected stop can make your head jerk back and forth, compromising connective tissues or even your spine. Any swelling or inflammation in the small, delicate areas your nerves pass through can result in significant pain and dysfunction. 

If the accident causes you to hit your head on the window or steering wheel, the impact can cause mild traumatic brain injury – sometimes with severe complications. If you suffer any sort of injury as the result of a minor car accident it’s important to get medical care right away to protect your health (and injury claim).

Minor car accident settlement amounts won by Steve Caya:

$850,000 for a mild brain injury from a low-impact car crash

Attorney Steve Caya secured this settlement for client struck from behind at less than 3mph.

$220,000 for a shoulder injury from a low-speed crash

This settlement was secured despite the insurance company's protest that the impact was not forceful enough to cause the injury.

$80,000 for soft tissue injuries after a low-impact rear end collision

Steve's client suffered long-term soft tissue injuries from a minor car accident.

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2: Dispute over fault

minor car accident where both drivers claim to be not at fault
After a minor car accident you may need a lawyer to prove fault and negligence.
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Unless fault for the accident is obvious (for example, if you were stopped at a red light and got rear-ended), there’s likely to be disagreement over who caused the minor car accident or who is more at fault.

Fault matters in tort states like Wisconsin. If you’re partly at fault, the amount of compensation you’re eligible to collect is reduced according to how at fault you are. (This is called Wisconsin’s comparative negligence law.)

Proving fault after a minor car accident can be difficult. A car accident attorney has the experience and resources to prove who was at fault to protect your injury claim.

3: Refusal to pay fair compensation

Insurers typically fight tooth and nail against minor car accident injury claims. They may give you a low-ball settlement offer or deny the collision was forceful enough to cause your injuries.

In circumstances like these, your odds of out-fighting the insurance company’s attorneys are slim. You need a proven trial attorney who isn’t afraid to take on big corporations and their legal teams.

Steve Caya spent the first 13 years of his career working for insurance companies. He knows how they operate and what it takes to make them pay a fair settlement.

4: Stressful claims process

Most of the time, the insurance company responsible for paying your injury claim won’t cut you a check for the full claim amount you submit. They’ll look for any and every way to deny or reduce or deny it, even after a minor accident.

minor car accident attorney for injury claims and insurance settlements
Dealing with insurers after a minor car accident with injuries can be difficult. But you don't have to do it alone.
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This can manifest as tactics like:

  • Intentionally dragging things out
  • Demanding a recorded statement
  • Downplaying your injuries
  • Asking you to sign a blank medical authorization waiver
  • Pressuring you to settle quickly

The end game for the insurer is protecting their profits and making your claim go away – regardless of what your injuries deserve.

Having a personal injury lawyer on your side takes away the stress and pressure of the claims process so you can focus on treating your injuries and putting your life back together.

5: Going to court

If disagreements with the insurer can’t be resolved through negotiation, you may need to go to court to settle your claim.

Bringing an injury claim from a minor car accident to a judge and jury to settle isn’t anyone’s first choice. But it may be necessary to force a fair resolution.

Having a proven trial attorney on your side can be invaluable at this stage. When facing the prospect of expensive litigation and a potentially unlimited jury award, insurance companies tend to significantly increase the settlement amount offered.

When a case does proceed to litigation and a trial, Steve Caya is prepared to fight for his clients’ rights and win the money they need and deserve. All legal costs will be covered, and you won’t owe a penny until after you collect compensation.

When in doubt, get more facts

If you’re on the fence about hiring a lawyer after a minor car accident, err on the side of caution. Request a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about the value of your claim and your best options.

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