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If you’ve been injured in a serious auto accident and are getting tired of hearing your insurance company tell you they’re “working hard” on settling your claim, or you’ve received a lowball settlement check, you need an experienced Wisconsin auto accident injury attorney to fight for your right to fair compensation. In the Walworth area, that attorney is Steve Caya.

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An auto accident injury is an unlucky break. All too often, it’s made worse by the very people you count on to be there for you when you need them: your insurance company. Instead of promptly paying the full amount of injury claims, they’ll find all kinds of ways to delay and deny payment. If you’re tired of getting one runaround after another from your insurer, it’s time to get an attorney on your side. It’s time to call Walworth area personal injury attorney Steve Caya.

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The decisions you make in the minutes, days, and weeks after a car accident can have a huge impact on the size of your injury settlement. Before you file a car accident claim, learn how the process works in Wisconsin, and what you can do to protect your best interests:

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Before specializing in personal injury law, attorney Steve Caya worked for an insurance agency. From this experience, Steve knows all the tricks insurers use to delay and deny payment on injury claims. If you’re tired of getting nowhere dealing with your monolithic insurance company, let Steve and his legal team take over. At the very least, take advantage of a free initial consultation on your claim.

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