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What to Do If You're Injured at a Wisconsin Business

A common misconception is that if you’re injured at a business, the owner is automatically responsible for your medical bills, time off/lost wages, or other compensatory packages. That’s not entirely true, unfortunately. Most cases are lost due to lack of evidence and victims never see the settlement they deserve. Here’s what you can do if you’re injured at a business and how you can maximize your chances of getting a settlement.

Injured at a Business in Wisconsin
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When you're hurt at a business in Wisconsin and it's not your fault, you are owed compensation for your pain and suffering.

If you:

  • Slip and fall
  • Are injured by an poorly placed or falling object
  • Are harmed in any way on the premises of a business, then;

You need to take these step-by-step actions:

  1. Report your injury to the owner or whoever is in charge of the business at the time of the injury. This should be a brief encounter, tell them:
    • What happened and where it happened
    • DO NOT sign anything, check their written report for accuracy—grab yourself a copy of that for later.
    • If no one is there at the time of injury, then write to the business regarding the incident (still remain general in your recollection)
  2. You’re not OKAY. It may be hard to go against your instinct to “just walk it off,” but if you insist you’re physically okay to business managers, then develop severe symptoms later in the day/week, the store can claim you were not injured at their location, making it harder to get your settlement.
  3. Take photographs of the incident location and injury.
    • Have a friend (if applicable) take as many detailed photos as they can
    • Take video of the scene as well, any documented evidence is helpful
  4. Seek medical attention immediately—especially if you’re seriously injured
    • A doctor’s diagnosis goes significantly further than your personal diagnosis in a settlement case
  5. Seek legal representation from an expert personal injury lawyer with your interests and well-being in mind.

Should I sue for an injury at a business?

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Yes, depending on the case. Establishment owners have the legal obligation to inspect their premises for potential hazards, maintain employee training concerning food management, safety, and uphold state regulations. Neglect in any of these areas may mean compensation for you.

Negligence that leads to a customer’s or patron’s injury makes the owner liable for paying your damages.

We know you must be asking yourself, “is a lawsuit strategically smart for me?” Don’t worry yourself with that. Ask one of our professional attorneys to thoroughly review your case for free to help make that decision.

Premises liability lawyer Steve Caya has in-depth understanding of Wisconsin liability law and when you can sue a business for negligence. Contact us for a free claim review and we'll gladly come to you anywhere in Wisconsin.

What can I get in a settlement?

Victims of business negligence can seek compensatory damages, or damages suffered, which include medical expenses, lost earning, as well as pain and suffering damages caused during the accident or after-the-fact. Victims may also seek punitive damages, which are damages that focus on punishing the defendant to deter them from engaging in similar negligent conduct.

Find out more about the damages available to victims of negligence, including slip and fall injury settlements obtained by attorney Caya for his clients.

Business injury case result

Steve Caya was able to win $600,000 for a woman injured in a convenience store parking lot  - one of many personal injury cases won in Wisconsin. To maximize your chances of collecting the settlement you deserve for injuries that occurred on business property due to negligence, partner with an experienced injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

If you were harmed by any of these common causes, or if you were otherwise hurt in any way attributed to the negligence of the business or its employees in the state of Wisconsin, contact personal injury attorney Steve Caya to help you with your case.