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Victims of Injuries in Wisconsin Casinos Deserve Compensation

A casino is liable for any compensation when it fails to uphold safety standards for its patrons: if you’ve been injured as a result of casino negligence, then you can pursue claims to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

Injured at a Casino in Wisconsin
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When you're hurt in a place of business and it's not your fault, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

Common injuries suffered at Wisconsin casinos

The addition of alcohol to any injury-related situation is a red flag, but it’s important to know what a casino is liable for, and when, even if alcohol is involved. Common injuries at casinos include:

  • Slip and fall: The most common accident to occur at any establishment is a slip and fall due to unsafe or hazardous environments on the premises. Inadequate lighting, improperly installed flooring, or lack of safety signs may all contribute to an injury.
  • Assault: It’s the casinos responsibility to provide adequate security for the protection of its patrons. If a casino has failed its job, and you or a loved one were injured as a result of assault or violence, then compensation is due.
  • Food poisoning: Unsanitary habits or hazardous conditions in food-handling lead to severe health problems for patrons. Food poisoning is uncomfortable and dangerous: if you’ve been sick and exposed to a serious health risk due to unsafe food served at a casino, you’re within your rights to sue.

These are just common injuries: every individual case is different. Consult a personal injury attorney to thoroughly review your injuries to see if you qualify for a settlement.

Can I sue a casino?

Business negligence that leads to a customer’s injury or illness makes them liable, or responsible, for paying damages caused—bottom line. But a well-built case significantly helps ensure the maximum settlement you can receive. A solid case can be built through these steps:

  1. Report your injury to whoever is in charge of the area of the incident, or if they can call someone with more authority. Explain:
    • A brief description of what happened and where it happened
    • DO NOT sign anything and check their written report for accuracy before grabbing a copy for yourself
  2. You’re not OKAY. It may be hard to go against your instinct to walk-it-off, but if you affirm you’re physically okay to store managers, then develop severe symptoms later in the day/week, the store can claim you were not injured at their place, making it harder to get your settlement.
  3. Take photographs of the incident location and injury
    • Have a friend (if applicable) take as many detailed photos as they can
    • Take video of the scene as well, any documented evidence is helpful
  4. Seek medical attention immediately—especially if you’re seriously injured
    • A doctor’s diagnosis goes significantly further than your personal diagnosis in a settlement case, and if your injuries are life threatening, you need medical attention.
  5. Seek legal representation from an expert personal injury lawyer with your interests and well-being in mind.

Premises liability attorney Steve Caya has in-depth understanding of Wisconsin liability law and when you can sue a casino for negligence. Contact us for a free claim review and we'll gladly come to you anywhere in Wisconsin.

What can I get in a casino injury settlement?

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Every case, just like every injury, will be different. There’s no set settlement to win, but with the help of personal injury lawyer Steve Caya, you’ll get the maximum settlement for your case.

Victims of casino negligence can seek compensatory damages, or damages suffered, which include medical expenses, lost earning, as well as pain and suffering caused during the accident or after-the-fact. Victims may also seek punitive damages, which are damages that focus on punishing the defendant in regards to deterring them from engaging in similar negligent conduct. Meaning you and your case could create safer conditions for future patrons.

See examples of personal injury cases and settlement amounts won by Steve Caya, and contact our law firm to learn the best legal options for your case.

If you were harmed in any way attributed to the negligence of a Wisconsin casino or its employees, contact personal injury attorney Steve Caya to help you with your case.