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What to Do If You've Suffered an Injury in a Wisconsin Restaurant

Whether it’s the drive-thru or triple-digit meal, everybody eats. However, not all dining experiences are great, and if you experienced illness or an accident as a result of restaurant negligence, an experienced Wisconsin personal injury lawyer helps you get compensated for your pain and suffering.

Injured at Restaurant in Wisconsin
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You CAN sue for an injury at a restaurant if you can prove the the restaurant was at fault and negligent

The most common restaurant-related accident is foodborne illness (or food poisoning), but accidents that occur on the restaurant premises, and are a result of employee or restaurant negligence, are justifiable cases where you deserve compensation. First things first, if you’ve been hurt go to the doctor immediately. On top of getting the medical attention you need, your doctor’s expert diagnosis can go a long way in determining the outcome your case; more so than your personal judgement. If you’ve been injured in a Wisconsin restaurant , or experienced health concerns due to a restaurant’s negligence, you’ll want to act fast; not just for your health, but for your finances.

Common injuries at restaurants

The list goes on—why? Because each injury is personal and unique to the individual and his or her experience. Establishments are held accountable in most injury cases because most injuries or illnesses can be prevented.

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  • Food poisoning: cases are commonly caused by contaminated food, either by bacteria or viruses, and are affected by incorrect food handling procedures made by restaurant employees.
  • General physical injury: are caused by hazards left by negligent employees, such as food or beverage spills, obstructions, lack of warning signs, lack of lighting, inadequate environment, etc., all in and outside of the establishment.
  • Broken tooth: or a chipped tooth are commonly caused by foreign objects in your meal. This can include anywhere from bones to metal objects like screws and equipment pieces. Chipping or breaking a tooth at a restaurant is not only painful, but can be embarrassing and result in lengthy financial fees.
  • Allergic reactions: are health hazards, especially dangerous to children, due to negligence of food workers and establishments. Cross-contamination of food products is one of the largest causes of preventable illness accidents in the U.S.
  • Burns and cuts: are caused by customer exposure to unsafe food or conditions. Hot food is commonly served hot, in some cases over 180 degrees, which means the plate/skillet is hot too. Exposed screws and broken glass are the leading causes of cuts and puncture wounds in restaurant negligence, and can cause severe infections.

Can I sue for a restaurant injury?

You may think your injury or illness was just an accident. A one-time incident. But your injury, and those listed above, can all be prevented by the establishment. Establishment owners have the legal obligation to inspect their premises for potential hazards, maintain employee training concerning food management, safety, and uphold state regulations. Neglect in any of these areas may mean compensation for you.

Negligence that leads to a customer’s injury or illness makes them liable, or responsible, for paying customer’s damages.

We know you must be asking yourself, “is a lawsuit strategically smart for me?” Don’t worry yourself with that — ask one of our professional attorneys to thoroughly review your case for free to help make that decision.

Premises liability attorney Steve Caya has in-depth understanding of Wisconsin liability law and when you can sue a restaurant or bar for negligence. Contact us for a free claim review and we'll gladly come to you anywhere in Wisconsin.

What can I get in a settlement?

If the right case is built, victims will see compensation for damages made by restaurant neglect. The right case can be built with:

  • Maintaining medical records: remember that doctor’s visit we mentioned? Keep those records, bills, and receipts.
  • Visual evidence: which includes photographs, videos, and audio capturing the incident and the aftermath. For example, if you scraped your arm across an exposed nail in the wall, take visual evidence of said nail, wall, and your arm to keep in your records.
  • Witnesses: ask a witness, if there were any, to write down what they saw and get their contact info in case you need any more information from them.

Victims of restaurant negligence can seek compensatory damages, or damages suffered, which include medical expenses, lost earning, as well as pain and suffering damages caused during the accident or after-the-fact. Victims may also seek punitive damages, which are damages that focus on punishing the defendant in regards to deterring them from engaging in similar negligent conduct.

Steve Caya has won millions of dollars in personal injury settlements for his clients. Consult with a personal injury attorney to find out what options are available for you in pursuing a case.

If you were harmed by any of these common causes, or if you were otherwise hurt in any way attributed to the negligence of the restaurant or its employees, contact Steve Caya to help you with your case.