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WI Personal Injury Case Settlement Amounts

Real-life personal injury settlement amounts won by Steve Caya for his clients.

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Steve Caya obtained a verdict of $1,620,000 for a 48-year-old woman who suffered serious injuries in a semi-truck accident. Steve's client was injured when a truck driver attempted to back his semi-tractor trailer out of a driveway and onto a public highway without the use of a spotter or assistance in backing. The trucking company’s insurer denied...Read More
Steve Caya obtained a policy limits settlement of $1,500,000 on behalf of his client who suffered a significant low back injury due to a balcony collapse.  The client, a college student, attended a house party at a rental property in Milwaukee.The rental property included a second floor balcony that collapsed during the party resulting in injury. T...Read More
Steve Caya obtained a verdict of $1,432,800 for a man who suffered a neck injury after being struck by an SUV while standing next to his boat at a boat launch.  After Steve’s client’s neck failed to respond to conservative care, he opted to have a two-level disc replacement surgery in the hopes of relieving his pain. The insurer for the at-fault dr...Read More
Steve Caya recovered $1,200,000 for a security guard who was struck by a semi-tractor-trailer truck leaving a business.This complex case involved multiple defendants from around the country, insurance coverage issues and allegations of contributory fault on the part of the security guard.After two years of aggressive litigation, the claim resolved....Read More
Steve Caya was able to recover $950,000 for a motorcyclist who was seriously injured by a semi driver when the semi driver entered the motorcyclists’ lane of traffic. The semi driver denied he was responsible for the motorcyclists’ injuries.Within two days of the crash, Steve Caya’s team of experts reconstructed the crash and determined the acciden...Read More
Steve Caya obtained a $900,000 settlement on behalf of a client who sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall at a friend’s home. The homeowner’s insurer initially denied any premises liability and claimed the accident was entirely the client’s fault.Steve retained the appropriate experts to establish the doorway through which his client fel...Read More
Steve Caya was able to recover $850,000 for a client who suffered a mild brain injury after his vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle at a speed of less than three miles per hour.This very complex case required the use of numerous experts in various fields including Biomedical Engineering, Neuropsychology and Psychology. In addition, th...Read More
Steve Caya obtained a jury verdict of $766,000 for a client who suffered a torn rotator cuff after his vehicle was struck from behind at a high rate of speed.The at fault driver was uninsured and the client’s own uninsured motorist carrier vigorously defended the claim. The client’s insurer made a top dollar offer of $175,000. Steve Caya refused to...Read More
After almost two years of intense litigation, Steve Caya was able to obtain a $755,000 settlement for a young woman injured in a car crash who experienced post concussion syndrome.  The insurance company for the at fault driver fought tooth and nail hiring experts from around the country who claimed the client’s issues were psychological problems u...Read More
Steve Caya obtained a $750,000 settlement for a young woman who sustained a significant low back injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.Because the client had a pre-existing history of similar low back problems, the insurance company initially argued the client’s problems were due to the pre-existing injuries. After filing a lawsuit on beha...Read More

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Steve Caya has won millions of dollars' worth of settlements for serious injuries suffered due to negligence. Check out case examples & settlement results for specific types of claims:

Many accident victims ask what a typical settlement for pain and suffering is. The answer: each case is unique, so there isn’t a “typical” amount for pain and suffering. Learn more about how pain and suffering damages in Wisconsin are handled.

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