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$850,000 Recovery for Mild Brain Injury in Low Impact Case

Janesville Injury Lawyer Secures Big Compensation for Brain Injury Victim

Steve Caya was able to recover $850,000 for a client who suffered a mild brain injury after his vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle at a speed of less than three miles per hour.

This very complex case required the use of numerous experts in various fields including Biomedical Engineering, Neuropsychology and Psychology. In addition, the client hired Steve Caya after his first attorney dropped the case believing there was no possibility of obtaining compensation for the client.

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Experiencing headaches, neck or back pain after a car accident? 

It's not your fault—it's whiplash, and you're entitled to compensation for your pain. 

Whiplash after a car crash can be serious and requires medical attention to treat. Don't let the medical bills pile up—take action now, and get the settlement you need to put your life back on track. 

Headaches after a car accident can be symptomatic of a brain injury and should never be left untreated. Protect your health and your legal rights with professional medical care and a free injury case consultation.

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