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$250,000 Settlement for Golf Cart Lawsuit

Golf cart accident lawsuit settlement for $250k in Wisconsin
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Policy limits reached for Wisconsin woman injured in golf cart accident

A woman who was a passenger in a golf cart suffered leg injuries after their cart was struck by another golf cart, driven by a minor in a retirement community.

This complex case involved multiple parties as well as insurance coverage issues. Nevertheless, Steve Caya recovered the maximum $250,000 in available policy limits for his client.

Golf cart injuries caused by negligence deserve compensation

While golf carts generally top out at around 15 mph, accidents can still result in serious injuries because golf carts don’t have the safety features found in other motor vehicles.

Without doors, crumple zones, seat belts or air bags, people involved in golf cart accidents can fall from the vehicle, suffer crush injuries in a rollover or sustain serious physical trauma from the impact of a crash.

A golf cart injury claim can help you recover the money you need for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages arising from the collision.

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Why work with a golf cart accident attorney

Some golf cart accidents are just that – an accident. In order to file a successful golf cart injury claim or lawsuit, you’ll need to prove negligence.

And because of Wisconsin’s comparative fault law, if you’re found to be even partly to blame for the accident the amount of compensation you’re eligible for will be reduced.

An experienced personal injury attorney can greatly increase your chances of a successful lawsuit or fair settlement by:

  • Fully investigating the accident
  • Calculating the present and future medical/rehabilitative costs associated with your injuries
  • Dealing with the insurance claims adjuster and/or insurance company lawyers on your behalf
  • Making sure all the right forms and steps are handled before the deadline
  • Protecting your legal rights and best interests throughout the process

Steve Caya works with all necessary specialists to determine the cause of the accident, prove liability and determine what a truly fair settlement amount looks like. He spend the first years of his career working for the insurance companies and knows exactly what it takes to make them pay.

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