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$150,000 settlement for hunting injury claim

Six-figure payout after accidental shooting

In this unique case, the client was bow hunting from a tree stand in Wisconsin.

While sitting in his tree stand, the client was struck in the face by shotgun pellets from a hunter who mistakenly believed Steve’s client was a turkey. Fortunately, Steve’s client did not sustain any loss of vision and was able to make a full recovery. The matter resolved for the sum of $150,000 without the need for a lawsuit.

settlement for accidental gunshot hunting injury in Wisconsin
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Can you sue for being shot accidentally?

You can, if certain criteria are met.

In the first scenario, you can sue if the person who shot you was negligent when handling their gun, including when aiming and firing. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence when using a firearm, you’ve got a case.

Another option for victims is reckless behavior. If the person who accidentally shot you had been drinking alcohol or acting recklessly (such as firing their gun in the air or otherwise disregarding gun safety rules), that can also be the basis for a lawsuit.

In rare cases, a gun manufacturer could be found liable if it can be proved that the firearm that shot you was defective and malfunctioned, causing your injuries.

Can you sue for a hunting accident injury besides getting shot?

Possibly. If you were hunting on someone else’s property (including state or federal land) and became injured due to unsafe conditions, you may have a case. The property owner would have needed to be aware of the unsafe conditions and failed to warn you about them. In such cases, a premises liability claim could be filed. Getting injured while trespassing could hurt the value of your claim.

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