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$300,000 Settlement for Injuries Sustained After a Fall

Janesville Injury Lawyer Secures Compensation for Ladder Fall Victim

Client was performing “handyman” services inside of a large garage.

Upon arriving home, the homeowner opened the garage door, knocking the client off a twelve-foot ladder and resulting in head and shoulder injuries. The matter resolved for $300,000 without the need for a lawsuit.

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Navigating the finer points of Wisconsin law is a rat's nest for people who aren't buried in the details every day. Here's what you really need to know about filing a lawsuit for a slip and fall in Wisconsin:

  1. Does your case warrant filing a lawsuit?
  2. How much you can get in a slip and fall settlement
  3. The most common injuries from slip and fall accidents
  4. How to file a slip and fall lawsuit in Wisconsin
  5. Statute of limitations on filing slip and fall lawsuits in Wisconsin
  6. You can file yourself - but you should talk to a lawyer first

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