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$137,500 settlement for broken ankle from motorcycle crash

The client sustained a broken ankle as a result of being struck while operating a motorcycle in Wisconsin.

The accident occurred when a teen driver failed to keep a proper lookout and turned left in front of the motorcyclist. Attorney Steve Caya was able to achieve a settlement of $137,500 without the need for a lawsuit.

Settlement amount for Wisconsin motorcyclist who suffered a broken ankle in an accident
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As a motorcyclist himself and a former insurance industry insider, he understands what you're going through and how to make the insurance company pay what you're owed.

What motorcycle crash victims MUST understand before filing a lawsuit

These six aspects of motorcycle accident claims directly affect your compensation.

Here are the 6 things victims should know about motorcycle accident settlements in Wisconsin:

  1. How to know if you can sue after a motorcycle accident
  2. How to file a motorcycle injury claim properly
  3. WI's statute of limitations on motorcycle injury claims
  4. The time it takes to settle a motorcycle accident claim
  5. How much motorcycle crash settlements can be worth
  6. Deciding whether to file a motorcycle injury claim without a lawyer

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