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Code Violation and Injury from a Fall Leads to $900,000 Settlement

Huge Settlement Obtained in Slip and Fall Case

Steve Caya obtained a $900,000 settlement on behalf of a client who sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall at a friend’s home. The homeowner’s insurer initially denied any liability and claimed the accident was entirely the client’s fault.

Steve retained the appropriate experts to establish the doorway through which his client fell was defective and not up to code. Steve also worked closely with the client’s treating physicians to establish conclusively the severe nature of his client’s injuries. After reviewing all of the materials submitted by Steve on behalf of his client, the insurance company was compelled to change its mind and resolved the claim.

What you need to know about slip and fall law in Wisconsin:

  1. Determine if you have case
  2. How much you can get in a slip and fall settlement in Wisconsin
  3. The most common injuries from slips and falls
  4. How to make a slip and fall claim in Wisconsin
  5. The statute of limitations for slip and fall cases in Wisconsin
  6. You can file a lawsuit yourself, but you should talk to a lawyer first

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