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$262,500 Settlement for Injuries Sustained Due to a Fall from a Roof

Fall from roof leads to huge recovery for Wisconsin subcontractor

Steve Caya recovered $262,500 for a client who sustained a neck injury and shoulder injuries after falling from a roof.

roofer with neck and shoulder injuries receives $262K settlement in Wisconsin
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The client was injured while doing roofing work and the general contractor failed to provide fall protection to the subcontractors. The insurer denied liability throughout and alleged the client was responsible for his own injuries. After Steve Caya submitted a detailed report to the insurer describing why the insurer’s position was incorrect, the insurer agreed to resolve the claim, settling for $262,500.

What you need to know about slip and fall lawsuits in Wisconsin:

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  3. Typical slip and fall injuries
  4. How to file a slip and fall lawsuit in Wisconsin
  5. Wisconsin statute of limitations on filing a slip and fall lawsuit
  6. You can file a claim yourself, but it's not a great idea

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