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$500,000 policy limits settlement for a serious neck injury

Six figure neck injury settlement after a rear-end car accident in Wisconsin
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Make sure your neck injury claim is taken seriously. Choose an attorney with a proven record of winning fair compensation for his clients.

Six-figure compensation for victim of rear-end collision 

Steve Caya recovered the policy limits of $500,000 on behalf of a client who suffered a serious neck injury due to being in a rear-end collision with an inattentive driver.

When another driver’s carelessness causes your injuries, Wisconsin personal injury law says you have the right to fair compensation. Proving fault and detailing the full scope of your losses is essential to a successful injury claim and a truly fair settlement.

The quality of personal injury attorney you choose can be the single biggest factor affecting the size of settlement you end up with.

Steve Caya is a decorated trial attorney with over three decades of experience fighting for Wisconsin accident victims. Your initial consultation is free, and all cases are handled on a no-win no-fee basis.

Neck injuries can permanently change your life

Neck injuries are common after a motor vehicle collision, and can range from temporary whiplash symptoms to chronic pain, fractured vertebrae, and even paralysis.
A serious neck injury can leave you unable to work, keep you from your favorite activities, and generate mountains of medical expenses – all because of someone else’s careless mistake.

Don’t let the responsible party and their insurer off the hook. When your case is represented by a proven neck injury attorney, it can mean the difference between a six-figure settlement and ‘get lost.’

Inattentive driving is negligent driving – make them pay

Whether the other driver was texting, distracted by their children or pets, or simply not paying attention, it amounts to the same thing: they failed to act with reasonable care while driving.

Distracted driving is a growing problem, and unfortunately the need for experienced distracted driving accident lawyers is greater every year.

Steve Caya is a former insurance industry insider, and knows what it takes to make them pay a truly fair settlement. Don’t risk your one chance at claiming fair compensation – reach out for a free claim evaluation today.

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You still have to prove fault after a rear-end collision

You know the other person caused the crash. Especially after a rear-end accident, the evidence seems to speak for itself.

But in order to collect a fair settlement you’ll need to prove it was their fault. Wisconsin personal injury law specifies how fault directly affects the amount of financial compensation you can receive.

You don’t have to face the insurance company’s lawyers on your own. Steve Caya is a trial-tested attorney who fully investigates his clients’ accidents and works with a network of specialists to prove fault. He’ll fight for every last penny you deserve. See examples of rear-end collision settlements won by Steve Caya for his clients.

Before filing a lawsuit, there are a few things to know

Wisconsin car accident laws affect injured victims, the person responsible for the crash, and their respective insurance companies. A misstep during the claims process can ruin your chances for a fair settlement.

Here are some things to know before making a car accident claim in Wisconsin:

You deserve a fair settlement for neck injuries caused by negligence

Unfortunately, insurance companies have their own ways of coming up with a what they consider to be a reasonable settlement offer, and this is often different from what the injured victim considers fair.

There’s no neck injury compensation calculator that can predict the outcome of your case. The single biggest factor determining the final amount is often the caliber of attorney representing your interests.

Contact Steve Caya today to share your experience and get a better idea of what your claim could be worth.