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$129,000 settlement for injured shoulder after trucking accident

In this case, the client was an over-the-road trucker who was involved in a motor vehicle/truck collision while operating his semi-tractor/trailer.

Truck accident injury lawyer Steve Caya was able to achieve a $129,000 settlement for his client without the need for a lawsuit.

Wisconsin truck accident results in six figure shoulder injury settlement
Whether you were driving a semi or a compact, Steve Caya will investigate all sources of liability to secure the compensation you deserve.
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How to deal with trucking companies & insurers after a crash

Trucking companies are very quick to respond after a trucking accident, and aware of the many thousands of dollars on the line. By the time you’ve been helped from the scene of a truck accident, they could already have a team at the crash site collecting or potentially destroying evidence to hinder your case against them and protect their own interests.

Victims injured in trucking accidents need an injury attorney deeply familiar with federal motor carrier safety (FMCSA) regulations to build a strong case and secure the settlement they deserve.

Trucking accidents can be the most complicated  types of personal injury cases. There are factors specific to semi tractor-trailer accidents that must be thoroughly explored. Finding and evaluating the right information can be a determining factor in proving liability and  calculating the amount of financial compensation that may be owed to you. Steve Caya is a highly experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer who works closely with a network of experts to reconstruct and investigate trucking crashes, and assess the long-term implications of your injuries.

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Before filing a truck accident claim, know how Wisconsin law works

Wisconsin operates under what's commonly called shared fault law, meaning each person involved in the crash is held responsible for a portion of the fault. If you weren't entirely at fault for the collision, you're eligible to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries via a settlement (or by jury award if it comes to a trial).

Here are the 6 most important things you should know about filing a motor vehicle lawsuit in WI:

Whether you've suffered a shoulder injury in an accident or any type of injury resulting from someone else's negligence, take advantage of a free case assessment from Steve Caya. Our law office is in Janesville, Wisconsin, and we'll gladly come to you anywhere in the state to discuss your claim.

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