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$80,000 Recovery for Soft Tissue Injuries in Low Impact Car Accident

Compensation Attained for Victim with Soft Tissue Injuries

Steve Caya was able to obtain an $80,000 settlement for his client on the eve of trial for soft tissue injuries to his client’s neck.

The insurance company for the at-fault driver aggressively defended the claim alleging the rear end impact was so minor as to be incapable of resulting in long term injury. Despite this position, Steve Caya was able to convince the insurance company his client’s injuries were indeed caused by the collision and a successful settlement was achieved.

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Experiencing neck or back pain following an accident? 

Do NOT ignore it. Your pain is related to your accident, and you're entitled to compensation. 

Accident-related whiplash requires medical treatment for the best outcome—and those bills pile up fast. Take action, file a claim and get the settlement you need to protect your lifestyle and your wallet. 

Before filing a lawsuit there's a few things you should know.

Wisconsin operates under a shared fault law, meaning each person is held responsible for a portion of the liability in a car accident. If you weren't fully at fault for the crash, you are eligible to win compensation for your injuries in a settlement or lawsuit should it come to it. Here's a few more things you need to know about making a claim after an accident:

  1. You can sue after a car accident - and WHO
  2. How to file a car accident claim
  3. How long you have to file a car accident lawsuit
  4. How long a car accident court case takes
  5. You can file yourself - but why not lawyer up instead!
  6. Average Wisconsin car accident case settlements
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