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Steve Caya has won clients millions of dollars in compensation

Steve Caya has won millions of dollars' worth of settlements for serious injuries suffered due to negligence. Check out the results and settlement amounts from our case examples below.

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When you’ve suffered a severe or catastrophic injury, you have a right to vigilant legal representation and just compensation to help you heal from your injuries and get back to your life. Whether you need an attorney experienced in motorcycle crash claims, car accident investigation, wrongful death or any circumstances causing injury through no fault of your own, Steve Caya has the experience and grit to win truly fair settlements for accident victims. Get the results you deserve for YOUR personal injury case.

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Car Accident Results in $250K Settlement for Victim with Broken Clavicle

The client suffered a broken clavicle and other related contusions and injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

The matter resolved without the need for a lawsuit for the sum of $250,000.

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Fall from Balcony Results in $225K in Compensation

Steve Caya recovered $225,000 for the family of a 69 year old man who was killed when he fell from a balcony during a social gathering at the defendant’s home.

The decedent fell through a temporary railing. The case was complicated by the fact the defendant had no insu…Read More

Truck Accident Victim Receives Major Settlement

In this case, the client was stopped at a stop sign and struck from behind by a truck that had “rolled” into the rear of client’s vehicle.

The insurance company did not believe the impact was forceful enough to cause injury. After filing a lawsuit, Rock C…Read More

Janesville Injury Lawyer Fights for Victim with Knee Injury

Steve Caya recovered $200,000 on behalf of a client who suffered a serious knee injury requiring surgery.

The client was injured when she slipped on a wet floor entering a store. The store denied liability and Steve Caya filed suit. After filing suit, Steve Caya discover…Read More

Severe Neck and Head Injuries Result in $200K Settlement

Steve recovered $200,000 for a client who suffered neck injuries and severe headaches resulting from an automobile accident caused by two teenage drivers racing on a busy city street.

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Janesville Injury Lawyer Attains Statutory Maximum in Wrongful Death Case

Steve represented a young mother whose husband was killed while transporting logs for a lumberyard.

While the deceased was in the process of unloading the trailer, a log rolled off the top striking the deceased and killing him instantly. The insurance compa…Read More

Steve Caya Avoids Trial with $150K Settlement

In this particular claim, the client suffered non-surgical neck injuries, back injuries and related headaches.

After filing a lawsuit, Steve was able to achieve $150,000 for his client without the need for a trial.

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Semi Truck Accident Injury Claim Settled Out of Court

In this particular case, Steve’s client was an over-the-road trucker who was involved in a collision in the state of Connecticut.

Steve’s client’s semi-tractor/trailer was struck from behind by another semi-tractor/trailer in rush hour traffic. The trucking c…Read More

Hunting Injury Results in $150K in Compensation

In this unique case, the client was bow hunting from a tree stand.

While sitting in his tree stand, the client was struck in the face by shotgun pellets from a hunter who mistakenly believed Steve’s client was a turkey. Fortunately, Steve’s client did not sustain any los…Read More

Janesville Motorcyle Injury Lawyer Attains Six Figure Compensation

The client sustained a broken ankle as a result of being struck while operating a motorcycle.

The accident occurred when a teen driver failed to keep a proper lookout and turned left in front of the motorcyclist. Attorney Steve Caya was able to achieve a settlemen…Read More

Tractor Trailer Driver Gets Huge Compensation in Accident

In this case, the client was an over-the-road trucker who was involved in a motor vehicle/truck collision while operating his semi-tractor/trailer.

Janesville truck accident injury lawyer Steve Caya was able to achiev…Read More

Slip and Fall Victim Receives $125K in Compensation

In this case, the client was a senior citizen who sustained injury to her hip when she tripped on an uneven surface after exiting a hotel resort entryway.

The case was complicated by the client’s pre-existing history of similar problems, including a previous hip replacemen…Read More

Injury Lawyer in Janesville Gets Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victim

Steve Caya obtained a settlement of $120,000 on behalf of a Wisconsin motorcyclist who sustained a clavicle injury after a pickup truck pulled out from a stop sign in front of the motorcyclist. The case resolved without the need for a lawsuit.

What…Read More

Neck Strain Victim Gets Big Compensation in Lawsuit

Steve Caya obtained a settlement of $88,500 on behalf of a client who suffered PTSD and neck strain when her vehicle struck cattle on a highway in the middle of the night. Steve Caya’s investigation of the incident established the livestock were able to escape the fenced area as …Read More

Compensation Attained for Victim with Soft Tissue Injuries

Steve Caya was able to obtain an $80,000 settlement for his client on the eve of trial for soft tissue injuries to his client’s neck.

The insurance company for the at-fault driver aggressively defended the claim alleging the rear end impact was so minor as to be inc…Read More

Motorcycle Accident Victim with Mild Injuries Settles Out of Court

The client was operating a motorcycle when he was sideswiped by a vehicle changing lanes.

The client sustained mild head injuries of a non-permanent nature and non-permanent neck issues. The matter resolved without the need for a trial for the sum of $80,000.

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