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How much you can get in a personal injury lawsuit
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What your case is worth – hint: there’s no calculator…

When you're injured in an accident, there are several factors directly affecting your potential settlement amount:

Some are easier to calculate than others. Expenses like medical bills have a clear monetary value. Pain and suffering is harder to quantify. Discrepancy in testimony, injury severity, employment history, ability to work, and life expectancy all contribute to the value of your claim. There’s no formula or algorithm to determine a firm dollar amount for your case.

Don’t get too hung up plugging in the specifics of your case into an online 'calculator' to see potential settlement amounts. Settlement mills and insurance companies rely on this kind of reaction to rush your case, settle ASAP and take their cut without a care for YOUR compensation.

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The most important factor: the quality of your legal representation

Maximizing your claim hinges on formidable legal counsel. There’s nothing insurance companies fear more than an elite personal injury attorney handling your case.

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