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From Insurers to Injured: MAKE THEM PAY

The accident wasn’t your fault. You’re hurt, upset and insulted by the party at fault. More than anything you want them to pay. The reality? They can’t—just as you can’t. The ball is in the court of the insurance companies cashing in premiums from everyone involved in the accident.

Your real adversary? The insurer. On their side…and yours.

Why I love insurance companies:

Insurance companies represent so many of the defendants of my injured Wisconsin clients and have paid massive amounts of money making a future full of life and love possible for people with their ability to earn, function or think damaged in an accident.

Why I hate insurance companies

The same insurers work to minimize settlements regardless of pain and suffering. I know—for the first 13 years of my career I represented insurance companies. Settlement mill law firms are happy to settle and clear cases ASAP so they can pay off their celebrity endorsers.

Here’s how insurance companies abuse your pain and suffering to line their pockets:

Insurance companies charge premiums based on just compensation for pain and suffering.

Insurance companies offer payouts based on the competency of legal representation & their willingness to settle for lowball offers.

How do you think they foot the bill for fat cat bonuses and massive skyscrapers?

ready to make them pay?

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Insurance companies stack the deck against you.

Consider an insurance company executive who’s suffered life-changing injuries. Here’s a list of things they would NEVER do:

  • Deny their own claim
  • Hire a lawyer based on football player or actor endorsements
  • Accept a personal injury settlement based on the compensation methodology THEY approved

I fight for the compensation you deserve, regardless of insurance company claim denials and unfair settlement offers.

Settlement mill law firms exploit your pain for their gain.

The problem with hiring a settlement mill law firm is their business model has no provision to fight. The law firm gets paid, the spokesperson gets paid, and the insurance company limits their cost of your injury regardless of your need.

Most law firms celebrate ANY offer from an insurance company. They want you in and out so they can take the money and run.

I'm a highly experienced trial attorney ready to fight to make sure you're justly compensated.

MandiFive stars

May 27, 2019

Mr. Caya was able to recover 6x the amount the insurance company was offering to settle without going to court. He is pleasant and personable, genuinely seems to care about his clients. He takes time to listen and kept me informed of case progress. He is efficient. I would highly recommend and would use his services in future if need be.

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The difference between “GET LOST” and a seven figure settlement? Hiring a lawyer who terrifies insurance companies.

The size of your personal injury settlement depends on the quality of your representation—NOT a value in an insurance company’s actuarial spreadsheet. Your compensation depends on your action; to hire a personal injury attorney who will earn you just compensation for your pain and suffering.

Your attorney may be even more important than the facts of your case. Choose wisely.

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MADE them pay: real cases, real results

Steve Caya has won millions of dollars' worth of settlements for serious injuries suffered due to negligence. Check out some of the results and settlement amounts below and explore all personal injury case examples.

$1.5 million settlement for a lower back injury in balcony collapse

$950,000 settlement for injuries from a motorcycle accident with a semi

$900,000 settlement for a slip & fall injury in premises liability case

$850,000 settlement for brain injury in low-impact car crash

$766,000 jury reward for torn rotator cuff from a rear-end accident

$755,000 settlement for post-concussion syndrome from a car crash

$750,000 settlement for back injury in a car crash

$650,000 settlement for a wrongful death in a motorcycle accident

$600,000 settlement for a broken leg and wrist in a car crash

$600,000 settlement for pedestrian hit by car

$575,000 settlement for internal injuries from a car accident

$500,000 settlement for foot injuries caused by uninsured driver

$500,000 settlement for broken leg in motorcycle crash

$500,000 settlement for vision loss from a fireworks mishap

$480,000 settlement for cervical facet syndrome after a car accident

$450,000 settelement for broken pelvis in a car crash

$450,000 settlement for motorcyclist killed in a crash

$300,000 settlement for head injuries from ladder fall

$280,000 settlement for leg injury in motorcycle crash

$262,500 settlement for shoulder injuries after fall from roof

$250,000 settlement for knee injuries in rear-end accident

$250,000 settlement + statutory maximum for wrongful death in car accident

$250,000 settlement for facial fractures caused by distracted driver

$250,000 settlement for severe injuries in a motorcycle accident

$250,000 settlement for head & neck injuries in rear-end collision

$250,000 settlement for broken clavicle in a car crash

$225,000 settlement for wrongful death in balcony fall

$220,000 settlement for shoulder injury in low-speed collision

$200,000 settlement for slip & fall knee injury

$200,000 settlement for neck injuries from a car accident

$550,000 total recovery for wrongful death and other damages

$150,000 settlement for neck and back injuries from car crash

$150,000 settlement for injuries from a truck accident

$150,000 settlement for injuries in a hunting accident

$137,000 settlement for a broken ankle in a motorcycle crash

$129,000 settlement for injured shoulder in a truck crash

$125,000 settlement for slip and fall injuries in a hotel

$120,000 settlement for injured clavicle in a motorcycle accident

$88,500 settlement for PTSD & neck strain after a car crash

$80,000 settlement for soft tissue injuries in a low-impact accident

$80,000 settlement for head and neck injuries in a sideswipe crash