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The accident wasn’t your fault—here’s what to do next.

After an accident where you weren’t fully at fault, you can’t act too soon. The longer you wait, the more opportunity everyone else has to build a case against you.

Here’s what you must do immediately following an accident:

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1. Call the police or sheriff.

You should always call the authorities, even if you initially believe it's a minor accident. You want a law enforcement officer to come to the crash scene, assess what occurred, make a crash report and write a ticket if the other driver engaged in unsafe driving. All the evidence from the accident report can be used to make your case and prove how the crash happened.

2. Identify eyewitnesses who saw the crash.

You should get the contact details of everyone who saw the accident take place. You can get these witnesses to testify in case there's a dispute over the cause of the collision. This can be invaluable evidence you need to prove another driver was responsible for hurting you.

3. Take as many pictures of the scene as you can.

Photographs can show damage to the vehicle, the location of cars before and after the accident, the location of debris in the roadways, and other important details that can help show how a crash happened. Photos shedding light on the cause of the crash can be used as evidence to prove liability. Photos showing the extent of the damage can help convince a jury how bad the accident was.

4. Get medical attention.

Many people do not get an exam after an accident because they don’t realize they're hurt or they think their injuries are minor. Adrenaline in your system after an accident can actually mask pain and make it harder to realize how badly you're hurt. Once the adrenaline wears off and you begin to feel pain, you’ll eventually be correctly diagnosed — but it's harder to prove the injuries were caused by the crash if you don’t go to the doctor right away.

5. Lawyer up.

Getting legal help from an experienced lawyer is essential. Your attorney can investigate details like skid marks, the angle of the sun, trees at the crash scene and other potential contributing factors to the accident.

If you’re thinking: “Uh-oh, I didn’t do all those things”…don’t worry.

You still have a case.

And no matter how thorough you were gathering information immediately after the crash, your best bet to secure maximum compensation is teaming up with a personal injury attorney insurance companies fear.

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