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There’s no way to prepare for the devastation an accident can cause. When you’re injured in an accident, you could face debilitating medical bills, physical and emotional therapy costs & mental anguish. That’s why personal injury attorney Steve Caya is prepared for you.

As a former insurance agent with over 30 years of legal experience, attorney Steve Caya is the personal injury lawyer Johnson Creek residents trust most. He knows all the tactics your insurance agency will use to try and cheat you out of money you deserve. You want him on your side when fighting for a fair settlement after an accident.

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Here's how Steve Caya helps you get the compensation you deserve:

  • Helps client understand the legal process
  • Determines the true value of your claim, including lost wages, medical expenses, pain & suffering
  • Files an effective personal injury case before the statute of limitations ends
  • Plans for your secure future & helps you return to normal life

Get fair compensation for serious injuries after an accident

Accident victims shouldn’t need to deal with a stressful legal battle on top of the stress injuries have already caused. Medical bills, physical therapy treatments, rehabilitation expenses & mental anguish can all reap havoc on a victim’s financial and emotional wellbeing.

Steve Caya understands. You shouldn’t need to deal with any more stress than what has already been forced upon you. That’s why he provides a FREE consultation for every claim. His no win, no fee policy promises that if he can’t win you a fair settlement, all legal fees are waived & there is NO COST to you.

We handle every type of claim:

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