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Wisconsin Roads See Less Overall Fatalities, More Teen Deaths

Accident Fatalities 2012

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Overall, Wisconsin as a state has seen fewer traffic accident fatalities recently, but still has a high rate for teenage fatalities.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), recently reported that 396 people had died in crashes as of Sept. 30th. This number is 80 less than the total from the same time last year. In all, there were 601 traffic deaths in 2012.

However, Wisconsin is ranked among the top states for the highest number of fatal traffic crashes among teenagers.  According to WisDOT, 48 teenagers were killed and more than 5,300 were injured in traffic crashes in the state last year.

To keep teenage motorists driving safely, WisDOT  offers a parent and teen driving contract to keep teens accountable to their driving habits. The contract is available on the WisDOT website at

It includes such finite commitments as:

“I will not drive after using or ride with anyone who has used any “substance” including medications that may impair driving abilities.

Breaking this rule results in ___? days/months of driving privilege loss.”

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