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Increased Speed Limits Fuel Debates on Traffic Safety Initiatives

In recent years, speed limits across the country have been on the rise. The fastest speed limits in the country can be found in Texas where many major roads now have an 85-mph speed limit.

Effect of Speed Limit Laws in WisconsinAs traffic-related deaths continue to rise, some officials argue increased speed limits only add to the growing danger on the roads. Since major budget cuts have limited the number of patrol cars available to enforce already high speed limits, drivers are less likely to consistently adhere to safe speeds on the road. Traffic safety advisors continue to cite excessive speed on the roads as a key factor in many traffic-related injuries. To make-up for the lack of patrols cars on the road, several traffic-safety advisors advise increasing the number of speed cameras on the road which could greatly deter drivers from breaking the speed limits.

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Do Motorists Need to Practice Safer Driving Habits in Janesville and Beloit?

While some officials believe decreasing speed limits and increasing enforcement of traffic laws on the roads will help combat unnecessary traffic-related deaths, others believe self-driving cars may provide a solution. Earlier this year the National Transportation Safety Board and several other traffic-safety NGOs started the Road to Zero initiative which highlights the possible life-saving capabilities of self-driving cars. Road to Zero is a nationwide initiative to eliminate all traffic deaths in 30 years; the focus of the initiative remains closely tied to self-driving cars. The Road to Zero initiative acknowledges “A future with zero traffic deaths is more certain than ever with the emergence of self-driving cars”. Over the past few years, the self-driving car movement has gained momentum in hopes of eliminating human error from driving. As more engineers and car companies join the race to create self-driving cars, the Road to Zero Initiative has gained traction.

However, while the possibility of eliminating all traffic deaths in 30 years appears enticing, for certain consumer advocates such as Ralph Nadar, the focus should remain on eliminating common driving dangers. Advocates like Nadar insist that instead of allocating resources towards new technologies in cars, we should be working on creating more effective regulations to curb dangerous driving practices such as:  requiring seat-belts in all states, enforcing stricter rules for heavy trucking and banning all smartphone use while driving.

Safety Advocates Urge Drivers to Buckle Up and Slow Down

Although advocates continue to debate the appropriate response to increased traffic-related injuries and traffic violations, both sides find common ground when acknowledging the importance of promoting safe driving habits.  Groups from both sides of the debate stress the most effective way to ensure your safety on the roads is to always wear your seat belt, no matter how short of a drive, and to adhere to the posted speed limits. Similarly, adult drivers should set positive examples for children by wearing their own seatbelts and following proper traffic laws.
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