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Will a Viral Video Hurt an Injury Lawsuit?

Our injury law firm in Janesville and Beloit have seen some unusual circumstances surrounding injury lawsuits, but we’ve never faced something quite like this.

A viral video of a Scout leader toppling a rock formation hit the internet a few weeks ago.

There are two problems with it. 1) That’s defacing a national monument, and he’s now facing possible felony charges. 2) The video may hurt his chances of winning an injury lawsuit, in which he claims to be “debilitated.”

Utah’s Glenn Taylor was immortalized on YouTube pushing a rock to the ground. In 2009, he filed a personal injury lawsuit against a woman and her father for injuries he says he suffered.

Taylor’s claim states that, due to the accident, he injured his back and had to “endure great pain and suffering, disability, impairment, loss of joy of life.”

“He just doesn’t look like a terribly disabled person to me,” said Alan MacDonald, the man Taylor is suing.

“He’s climbing over other rocks… Then he lines up, gets leverage and pushes that big old rock several times before he finally pushes it over. Then he turns and twists and high-fives and yucks it up and flexes his muscles.”

Taylor’s injury lawyer says the video will not play well with a jury, but there are other factors in their case.

If you have been injured and wonder if you have a case, don’t hesitate to contact one of our injury lawyers in Janesville and Beloit.