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Getting the Compensation You’re Owed Means Getting Educated

The first step is the hardest. When you’re injured in an accident, you must act quickly. Jumping into action in a complex realm of legalese and multilayered procedure can turn disastrous if you try tackling it on your own.

Janesville attorney Steve Caya provides industry info and insights to equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle a personal injury lawsuit. Get him on your side and get the compensation you’re owed.

The Consequences of High Speed Auto Crashes

` All car accidents have the potential to cause serious and often fatal injuries. Some crashes, however, are more likely to cause deadly accidents. In particular, high-speed crashes are significantly more likely to be fatal than collisions that occur at lower speeds. If someone you love is killed in a high speed car accident, a Janesville wrongful death law firm can assist you in making a claim for compensation. You should be able to recover monetary damages caused by the death, if another driver was responsible for causing the collision to occur. HIGHER SPEED LIMITS HAVE FATAL CONSEQUENCES A re… Read More

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

` Drowsy driving can have deadly consequences. As Consumer Reports warns, about a fifth of all car accidents that occur over the course of the year involve a driver who is fatigued. A driver who nods off for even five seconds could cause a devastating crash, as it is possible to travel the length of a full football field in this five second period of time. When a driver causes a collision while he is fatigued, the drowsy driver should be held accountable. A Janesville auto accident lawyer can provide assistance to crash victims in taking legal action to pursue a case against a fatigued… Read More

The Importance of Purchasing Underinsured and Uninsured Coverage to Protect You and Your Family

` If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, there are three factors that will determine whether you will be fully compensated for your loss:  who is at fault; what injuries and damages did you suffer; and, FROM WHAT SOURCE WILL YOU BE COMPENSATED!  I have placed this final factor in all caps because this issue is so important and so misunderstood by  consumers. If you or a loved one is seriously injured due to the negligence of another, it is likely the only source of money to compensate you for your losses is insurance.  Most negligent parties do not possess sufficien… Read More

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents: Keep These Tips in Mind

` All drivers on area roadways should make a conscious effort to prevent collisions from occurring in order to avoid causing injury and taking lives. For motorcycle riders who face a significantly greater likelihood of sustaining serious injuries if an accident happens, the stakes are especially high. Motorcycle injury attorney Steve Caya has represented many victims of motorcycle accidents and has seen firsthand how devastating the aftermath of a collision can be. To try to help prevent other motorcyclists from suffering the tragic fate of being injured in an accident, Attorney Caya h… Read More

A Closer Look at Weather-Related Accidents

` Winter in Wisconsin is slowly drawing to a close, which means that one of the most dangerous times on the road is coming to an end. Still, the dawn of spring does not mean bad weather is necessarily going away. Whenever conditions on the road are more dangerous due to weather-related issues, drivers must be extra cautious behind the wheel. A motorist who goes too fast for weather conditions or who otherwise makes unsafe choices could cause a serious crash. When this occurs, a Janesville car accident lawyer can provide representation to victims in helping them recover damages for collision loss… Read More

What to Do After a Collision

` When a car accident happens, it is difficult to know what you should do to protect your interests.  This video from Beloit car accident lawyer Steve Caya explains the essential steps you need to take when an accident occurs. The decisions you make in the immediate aftermath of the accident are going to make a profound impact on whether you can recover fully for losses and damages a crash causes. You want to make informed choices and take the right steps in the minutes and days after the crash so you preserve evidence and protect your right to make a claim. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO AFTER A MOTOR… Read More

How to Sue a Hotel for Negligence in Wisconsin

` Injured in a hotel accident? Learn which types of cases win the biggest hotel injury settlements. The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Wisconsin is three years. Act now and win. Hotels in Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin may be liable for injuries suffered by guests while on the premises. The most common causes of hotel accidents are slips, trips and falls, often in the parking lot, entrances or common areas. Slip and fall accidents can happen quickly and cause serious harm, like the $200,000 slip and fall case Steve Caya won for a… Read More

Distracted Driving Accidents Caused by Teens: a Real Problem

` The number one leading cause of death for teenagers is car crashes, even as the total number of fatal crashes has fallen dramatically since the 1990s.  Teens often make bad choices behind the wheel because their brains do not develop fully until they are in their mid-20’s. In particular, one common bad choice that many young people make is to become distracted as they drive. reported on teen distracted driving recently and indicated that many of the current statistics on distraction among teen drivers significantly understate the true risk. Many more teens may be … Read More

Tougher Laws are Needed to Prevent Car Crashes

` The World Health Organization has put forth Sustainable Development Goals, many of which have recently been adopted by leaders throughout the world. One of the most important goals set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) is to cut in half the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from road traffic crashes. The aim is to cut in half the number of deaths by 2020 by making smart changes to current rules and regulations.  The United States, in particular, is one of the countries that WHO believes is not currently following best practices for road safety. Traffic crashes are the… Read More

Why You Need Adequate Auto Insurance

` After a car accident, there are three primary questions that Janesville injury lawyer Steve Caya asks clients. The first relates to who was at fault, based on the facts of the accident. Determining fault allows crash victims to determine who should pay for losses. The second question concerns the extent of harm the crash caused. The third question — which is one of the most important — relates to who must pay for losses. The answer to this third question should be the insurer whose policyholder caused the crash pays for losses. Too often, however, drivers at fault for crashes… Read More

How Does Distracted Driving Affect the Brain?

` Distracted driving has become one of the major causes of accidents, and victims who get hurt by a driver who is not paying attention can experience significant losses. A Janesville auto accident lawyer represents victims of distracted driving accidents and provides assistance in pursuing a claim for compensation so monetary damages can be received for economic and non-financial losses. Drivers who want to avoid liability and keep themselves, their passengers and other motorists safe should be aware of the risks associated with distracted driving and commit to focusing on the road at all times.… Read More

How the 5-To-Drive Campaign Can Help Reduce Teen Accidents

` Teenage drivers have limited behind-the-wheel experience and often take unnecessary risks. This troubling combination explains why teen car crashes are a leading cause of fatalities among young people. A teen driver who makes unsafe choices endangers himself, other passengers and every other motorist on the road. Victims injured in a crash can speak with a Steve Caya, a Beloit car accident lawyer, to pursue a case against a teen driver who has caused harm. When a case is made against a teen driver, it is generally the insurance company that actually pays for losses.  However, crash preven… Read More

Inadequate Security Can Lead to Injuries and Fatalities

` In June of 2014, a man entered a first-floor apartment through a sliding glass door and committed a murder. The accused man who committed the crime has pled not guilty and will face criminal charges. The parents of the victim believe the criminal who stabbed the apartment owner to death is not the only one responsible. The victim was a young pastry chef, and her parents believe that her death was caused, in part, by inadequate security at her apartment. They claim reasonable security precautions were not taken, adequate locks and keys were not provided, and the lighting at night time was not s… Read More

Harsher Fines Can Help Prevent More Truck Crashes

` Truck accidents frequently occur because of mistakes that drivers make or because trucking companies do not adequately follow regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established rules designed to prevent high-risk behavior and to require best practices for safety that can reduce the risk accidents will happen.  The FMCSA also imposes fines when trucking safety rules are violated. Trucking Info reports that these fines have changed recently and the FMCSA will be imposing harsher penalties when rules and regulations are not followed. Trucking compa… Read More

Preventing Drunk Driving Accidents Through Technological Advancements

` After drunk driving convictions, motorists may be required to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles as a condition of the return of their license to drive. These ignition interlock devices check the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) before it is possible for the driver to turn on the car. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has indicated the installation of an ignition interlock device reduces the chance of a repeat drunk driving conviction by 2/3rds when the device is installed. This makes sense, since a person cannot drive drunk if he is unable to start his vehic… Read More

Defective Product Risks: What Types of Recalls Occur

` If defective products are sold to the public, the products can be very dangerous. Serious injury or even death can occur because of vehicles that malfunction, drugs or medical devices with surprise side effects and toys with dangerous components or parts. Almost any type of product you use in your daily life could hurt you if there is a problem and it malfunctions in a dangerous way. If you do suffer injury because of a problem with products you use, a Janesville personal injury attorney can help you pursue a claim against the manufacturer to recover full compensation for losses and damages th… Read More

Pets and Distracted Driving on Summer Road Trips

` Many pet owners who are planning on taking a summer road trip will be bringing their animals in the car with them on their vacation. According to CBS, 38 percent of people who owns pets say they bring the animals with them on car trips, including when they go on vacation. These pets, however, can cause problems in the car. While most people think of distracted driving as a phenomenon that happens when people use cell phones, animals can also be a major distraction behind the wheel that significantly increases the risk of a motor vehicle accident. Having an unrestrained dog or cat in the car is… Read More

Pedal Error Can Be a Cause of Motor Vehicle Crashes

` Sudden acceleration has been described as a mechanical problem in vehicles, causing the car to move forward rapidly and unexpectedly. Recent reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, however, indicate that mechanical errors have not been the cause of reported sudden acceleration incidents. Instead, pedal error has been the factor resulting in the vehicle suddenly and rapidly accelerating. Pedal error can occur when drivers make mistakes. In some cases, this can be classified as driver negligence, and it can result in a civil lawsuit against the motorist who made the… Read More

Alcohol and Marijuana Use Increase Drunk Driving Risks

` Motorists who are drunk behind the wheel may be twice as likely to become involved in a car accident than someone sober, depending upon the level of alcohol consumed. Even with a blood alcohol concentration of .05 percent, which is below the legal limit, a motorist is already impaired enough to increase crash risks. Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have been tremendously successful at helping people realize the dangers of driving impaired, and the chances of a DUI crash have declined significantly since the 1970s. Despite this, around 10,000 people are killed each year in DUI crashes.… Read More

How Graduated Driver Licenses Help Keep More Teenagers Safe from Car Crashes

` Graduated driver’s licenses are now the standard throughout the United States, including in Beloit. The first graduated licensing program in the United States was implemented in 1996 in the state of Florida. Because the program was successful at helping keep teenagers safer, every state and D.C. have now adopted graduated licensing programs although the rules are not standard throughout the U.S. Teens are the age group with the least driving experience and are the demographic group most likely to take unnecessary risks behind the wheel, especially with friends in the car. Young people co… Read More