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Getting the Compensation You’re Owed Means Getting Educated

The first step is the hardest. When you’re injured in an accident, you must act quickly. Jumping into action in a complex realm of legalese and multilayered procedure can turn disastrous if you try tackling it on your own.

Janesville attorney Steve Caya provides industry info and insights to equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle a personal injury lawsuit. Get him on your side and get the compensation you’re owed.

Apple Watch: Is It Going to Make Distracted Driving Worse?

` The Apple watch is the first smart watch to likely reach the mainstream and not just appeal to early adopters who love to try out all things new. According to Consumer Reports, the Apple Watch is expected to sell around 15 million units over the course of 2015 and consumers are expected to buy a total of around 28 million smart watches within this year. The smart watches are intended to keep you in constant contact with your friends and family. They can vibrate on your wrist or otherwise alert you to the arrival of an email, a new Facebook post or an update on Twitter.  The problem i… Read More

10 Days When Collisions are Most Likely to Occur

` Driving is always a potential risk because many motorists make careless choices that result in auto accidents.  There are, however, certain days of the year when there tend to be more people on the roads or when there is a greater chance that drivers will be impaired by alcohol.  These are the most dangerous days when there are significantly more accidents than at any other time. No matter what day of the year it is, there is no excuse for careless driving. A Janesville auto accident lawyer can provide legal representation to victims who are injured in a crash because of a motorist w… Read More

Impaired Driving: Drugged Driving on the Rise

` The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducts periodic roadside surveys in order  to determine the number of impaired people on the roads. In the past 40 years, five different surveys have been completed in which drivers had their blood tested for alcohol and/or drug impairment.  It should be noted, however, that the studies are voluntary and motorists who participate and who are found to be impaired are not arrested. The 2014 roadside survey data has now been released by the NHTSA and it contains mixed news. The good news is that the number of motoris… Read More

Automobile Crashes: Reducing Fatalities with Technology

` Vehicle technologies do not always prevent motor vehicle accidents from happening. As AOL Autos cautions, drivers should not rely too much on lane departure warning systems or rearview cameras because these systems can sometimes fail or be ineffective… under especially dangerous conditions. However, while crash reduction tech doesn’t always prevent accidents from happening, in-vehicle safety features can make it less likely that a crash will be fatal. When an accident occurs and causes injury, determining the cause is key. While other drivers are often to blame, car manu… Read More

Inattention Blindness Puts Kids at Risk of Pedestrian Deaths

` Young children are one of the two groups most likely to be killed in a pedestrian crash. The elderly are the other. Motorists need to be aware of young children on the roads and pay careful attention to avoid a collision. While young people also need to do their part in looking both ways before crossing the road, children’s brains may actually be less capable of identifying when a vehicle is approaching them unexpectedly. This means if a driver runs a red light, fails to yield the right-of-way or otherwise makes an unexpected and unsafe move in his vehicle, kids may not be able to react … Read More

Why Speed Limits Don't Prevent Collision Fatalities

` When a vehicle is traveling at a fast rate of speed, the driver of that vehicle is more likely to lose control and cause a collision. When collisions involve fast-moving automobiles, the impact from the crash is greater and injuries or fatalities are more likely to occur. For example, according to FiveThirtyEight, a pedestrian who is hit by a car going 23 miles an hour has only a 10 percent chance of being killed. If the vehicle is going 32 miles per hour, which is well within the speed limit in most places, the pedestrian has a 25 percent chance of losing his life if struck by the car. S… Read More

Eating and Driving

` Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of motor vehicle collisions. There are a number of different behaviors that are considered to cause distraction behind the wheel. One of the top behaviors that has been identified as being dangerous is eating while driving. Many motorists are not aware of the risks associated with consuming food or drinks as they drive, and most believe that this common behavior is acceptable. The reality, however, is that food presents a major distraction and the crash risk rises significantly if drivers are paying attention to eating or drinking instead… Read More

When Is a Vehicle a Total Loss?

` After a motor vehicle collision has occurred, a Beloit car accident lawyer can help you recover compensation. You should be fully compensated for any injuries that occur, provided you can prove the cause of the collision was another driver’s negligence. You should also receive compensation for property damage to your vehicle. Insurance companies will pay for the repairs of your car in most situations after a crash. However, there are times when your vehicle is too badly damaged to be repaired. Your car will thus be declared a total loss. You do not necessarily have the opportunity t… Read More

Tort Reform Damages Victims & The Health Care System

` In Wisconsin, victims of medical negligence have their damages capped. According to Wisconsin Statute section 893.55, a victim may receive no more than $750,000 in compensation for non-economic losses after a medical mistake has occurred. This means if a jury awards a victim of medical negligence $1 million in compensatory damages, this award will be reduced to $750,000. While victims can still be compensated with the help of a skilled attorney, the cap on damages significantly limits their right to fully recover for their losses. A medical mistake can have a catastrophic effect on a pers… Read More

The Effectiveness of Rearview Cameras in Collision Prevention

` Each week in the United States, around 50 children are backed over by a motor vehicle. According to Kids and Cars, accidents in which children are run over by reversing vehicles send around 48 kids to the emergency room weekly and result in two deaths of children each week.  These types of deadly accidents are called backover accidents and victims affected by the collisions should speak with a Janesville auto accident lawyer for assistance. Unfortunately, many backover collisions involve a driver who is either a parent or another very close relative of the child who is inju… Read More

Preventing Collisions: Establishing a Workplace Cell Phone Policy

` With the ever-increasing use of mobile technology, people are never fully away from work. It is very common for employees to have work cell phones and to answer emails or phone calls any time of the day or night.  Employees may also have personal cell phones that they use to talk or text, sometimes when they are on-the-job. Since so many people are using mobile phones, the risk of distracted driving accidents has increased dramatically. This is a huge, constant problem, but it is especially problematic in situations where someone is at work when the accident happens. When a car accident o… Read More

Defective Airbags Can Result in Injury to Drivers

` Takata manufactures airbags for 10 major automobile manufacturers throughout the United States. Unfortunately, many of the airbags produced were defective, according to Consumer Reports. The airbags may explode, sending shrapnel throughout the vehicle and potentially into the driver and passengers. An estimated four fatalities and hundreds of additional injuries may be linked to the problems with the Takata airbags. Manufacturers must be held accountable for releasing defective and dangerous products to the public. A personal injury attorney can assist the victims of accidents caused by d… Read More

The NHSTA is Under Review for Failing to Prevent Collisions

` The job of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is to “help prevent crashes and their attendant costs, both human and financial.”  The federal agency was established in 1970 and is tasked with overseeing efforts to improve motor vehicle and highway safety. Unfortunately, according to Auto News, a bipartisan group of lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee have recently written a letter asking the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to look into whether the NHTSA is actually doing what it should to be effective at protecting … Read More

Steven Caya Releases New Book for Injured Accident Victims

` Steven T. Caya, a Janesville injury lawyer, is pleased to announce the publication of a new book entitled, “Injured in America? Ten of America’s Leading Personal Injury Attorneys Share Their Wisdom.” In writing this book, Mr. Caya collaborated with nine top injury attorneys from different parts of the United States, all of whom provide representation to clients with a number of different types of injury claims. Like Mr. Caya, the nine other personal injury lawyers who worked together to provide this resource for injured victims have helped many clients successfully navigate l… Read More

Janesville Injury Lawyer Collaborates on Book for Injury Victims

` As an injury lawyer in Janesville, Steven T. Caya frequently represents clients facing a difficult time after suffering an injury or losing a loved one. In addition to coping with pain, victims often experience confusion and fear about what their life will be like after the injury, how they will afford their medical treatment and what their rights are under the law. Victims of injuries need information, and Steven T. Caya is committed to providing the advice clients need when seeking legal representation. For some accident victims, however, learning about life after a collision requires more t… Read More

Study Shows More Collision Victims are Hiring Car Accident Lawyers

` Recent studies have revealed that more auto injury claimants are getting legal help from attorneys. Hiring a Janesville car accident lawyer is a smart option after a collision, as an attorney can negotiate with insurers, investigate your collision and put together a compelling case for a jury if the case goes to court. A July 2014 study conducted by the Insurance Research Council demonstrates that more crash victims are recognizing the importance of legal representation. What the Study Revealed In 1977, only 17 percent of victims involved in car accidents sought legal help from a car accident … Read More

Distracted Driving: A Significant Risk in School Zones

` Distracted driving is a dangerous practice that can significantly increase the chances of a motor vehicle collision occurring. reports that 3,328 fatalities in 2012 were caused by distracted drivers and warns that using a hand-held device triples the risk of becoming involved in a collision. Unfortunately, despite the known dangers of driving while distracted, far too many people engage in this risky behavior while traveling through school zones. School zones exist to keep children safe as they commute to and from class, and drivers who are distracted in these areas j… Read More

Study Shows Link Between Traumatic Brain Injury and Dementia

` Top causes of head trauma include sporting accidents; motor vehicle collisions; slip and falls; violence and combat injuries. Unfortunately, numerous studies have demonstrated that a brain injury can have lifelong consequences. When the head injury is caused by a negligent driver or other careless individual or company, the victims harmed should consult with a Janesville brain injury attorney.  One recent study further confirms that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can significantly increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Victims need to be fully compensated for any head injuries they endur… Read More

The Role of Parents in Teen Distracted Driving

` Most people would assume that teens who are distracted behind the wheel are talking or texting with their friends on a cell phone. A new study, however, shows that there are many young people who are actually speaking to their parents while on the road.  Talking on a cell phone can significantly increase the risk of a young driver causing a crash that injures himself or others. A Janesville injury lawyer should be consulted by victims of collisions caused by distracted teen drivers.  Parents and Distracted Teen Driving Crashes Today Health reported on a disturbing new study show… Read More

How Will My Wage Loss be Covered After My Accident?

` HOW WILL MY WAGE LOSS BE COVERED AFTER MY ACCIDENT? Unfortunately, accident victims are often unable to return to work immediately after an accident.  In some serious cases, the accident victim may be off work for months.  In catastrophic cases, the accident victim may never be able to return to work.   What rights do accident victims have under Wisconsin Law with respect to lost wages and loss of future earnings? Under Wisconsin Law, accident victims who suffer wage loss have a number of options depending on available insurance and the circumstances of the accident.  … Read More