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Getting the Compensation You’re Owed Means Getting Educated

The first step is the hardest. When you’re injured in an accident, you must act quickly. Jumping into action in a complex realm of legalese and multilayered procedure can turn disastrous if you try tackling it on your own.

Janesville attorney Steve Caya provides industry info and insights to equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle a personal injury lawsuit. Get him on your side and get the compensation you’re owed.

How Will My Medical Expenses Be Paid After My Accident?

` Even a “minor” motor vehicle accident can result in thousands of dollars in medical costs. A post accident ambulance ride to the emergency room will likely cost around $800.  Standard Emergency room care including x-rays and an MRI can cost $3000-5000.  Many clients are understandably concerned about how these bills will be paid after an accident.  Let me try and give you some general tips on payment of post accident medical bills. First, do not be fooled in to thinking the at fault driver’s insurer will pay these bills immediately.  Rarely, does that… Read More

Who is a Better Driver: Men or Women?

` Both men and women frequently insist that their own gender is more capable behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to whether men are better drivers than women or vice versa. Insurance companies seem to have answered this question by coming down in favor of the women. Insurance companies set premiums for the cost of automobile insurance based on the expected risk that someone will become involved in a collision. Insurers charge men much more than they charge women, which suggests that the analyses insurers have done have led them to believe men are higher risk. When looking … Read More

Drowsy Driving Risks: New Car Insurance Survey Reveals Drowsiness is the #1 Problem

` Drivers do many different things on the road that can increase the risk of a collision. Recently, surveyed 2,000 drivers, and asking if they ever drove despite knowing that it was not safe for them to do so. Almost half of all drivers– 46 percent– said that they had driven at least once or twice when they did not think it was safe. Eleven percent said they had gotten behind the wheel between three and 10 times despite concerns about safety, and three percent said they had done this more than 10 times.  The drivers who chose to operate their vehicles when it wa… Read More

Staying Safe in the 100 Deadliest Days

` Summertime: the weather is warm, teens are out of school, there are several long holiday weekends and many Americans like to travel and take vacations.  Unfortunately, all of this adds up to more people, and more inexperienced drivers, on the roads.  Crowded streets and drivers who don’t make smart choices have resulted in the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day earning the nickname of the “100 Deadliest Days.” In 2012, almost 1,000 people were killed in crashes with teen drivers during the 100 Deadliest Days.  Victims who are involved in an accident need to … Read More

Teen Driving Behavior and Motor Vehicle Accident Risks

` Teen drivers are involved in more collisions than other motorists on the road and are more likely to die from motor vehicle accidents. In fact, there were 2,439 teenagers killed in U.S. auto accidents in 2012 and just over half of the victims were the ones driving when they lost their lives.  In total, 56 percent of teens killed in collisions were driving at the time and the remaining 44 percent were passengers when the fatal accident occurred. The General Motors Foundation recently conducted a study to take a closer look at why so many teenagers were dying in auto accidents. A total of 1… Read More

Older Accident Victims Could Face More Serious Spinal Damage

` Spinal cord damage typically causes permanent injuries that can lead to huge medical bills over the course of your life.  As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, the average annual medical costs for a person with spinal cord damage can total between $15,000 and $30,000 each year and the estimated lifetime cost of treating a spinal cord injury can exceed $3 million. The costs should be covered by the person or company who caused the spinal cord injury to occur, and a Janesville injury lawyer can help victims to pursue a damage claim. The more severe the spinal c… Read More

Could This New Technology Help Stop Drunk Drivers?

` Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone on the road, from other motorists to pedestrians to passengers.  While a Janesville auto accident lawyer can help victims of drunk driving collisions to obtain compensation after an accident, nothing can bring back your health if a drunk driver hurts you. Unfortunately, many drunk drivers are not caught when they are driving impaired, which means they continue to stay on the roads and often repeat their bad behavior.  In fact, Mothers Against Drunk Driving indicates that by the time a drunk driver is caught and arrested, he or she has … Read More

Death Rate for Bicyclists and Pedestrians Has Increased

` The death rate for bicyclists and pedestrians has increased a disturbing amount in recent years, even as the overall number of motor vehicle collision fatalities has decreased. In fact, according to USA Today, there was a 15 percent increase in fatalities of bicyclists and pedestrians over just a three-year period of time, while there was a three percent decline in other types of road deaths. Experts have indicated they are not certain why the increase occurred. One problem may simply be that more people were walking and biking during the period of time when deaths increased.  Poor e… Read More

Dangerous Pattern of Sleeping Pill Use Could Increase the Risk of Collisions

` When most people think of drunk or drugged driving accidents, they think of excessive consumption of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs. Unfortunately, many of the clients who seek help from a Janesville car accident lawyer were injured in accidents not with someone who used illegal drugs but instead with individuals who were hurt by a driver impaired by prescription or over-the-counter medication. Pills that are prescribed by doctors or sold in pharmacies can still have side effects that cause drowsiness or distraction and that make it impossible to drive safely. Just because these medicatio… Read More

Feds Ask Questions About Why GM Failed to Recall Dangerous Vehicles

` General Motors has recalled 2.6 million vehicles including Chevrolet Cobalts sold between 2003 and 2007.  The GM vehicle recall was prompted by a faulty ignition switch that could cause the vehicle to turn off suddenly when on the road.  If the car turns off unexpectedly, the power steering, air bags and power braking also fail to function as well. The GM recall is raising many questions, and a full-scale federal investigation has been launched. The reason: GM may have known about the problems as far back as 2004 but failed to act.  Unfortunately, GM’s failure to recall th… Read More

Electronic Monitoring Could Prevent Truck Driver Fatigue

` The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has recently updated  rules on maximum on-duty hours and maximum drive time for truckers. The update is an attempt to reduce drowsy driving crashes.  Victims of collisions can use evidence of rule violations to obtain compensation if they are involved in an accident with a tired trucker. A Janesville auto accident attorney can provide assistance to those who have been hurt. While the hours-of-service rules can help victims to prove a trucker was negligent in a drowsy driving crash, it can sometimes be difficult to conclusively d… Read More

Injured By the Negligence of a Family Member or Friend?

` Often times, especially in automobile or motorcycle accidents, passengers in a car or on a motorcycle suffer injuries due to the negligence of a family member or friend.  Such injuries may be quite serious including brain injuries, fractures, neck and back pain, shoulder injuries, etc. Many times people who have been seriously injured in a car or motorcycle accident due to the negligence of a friend or family member are hesitant to bring a claim for compensation for these injuries because of their relationship to the negligent party.  As a result, many such individuals who have suffe… Read More

Fatal Crashes Due to Marijuana Use Have Tripled

` In the state of Wisconsin, Assembly Bill 480 and Senate Bill 363 would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.  If the legislation passes, Wisconsin would join a growing number of states in the U.S. in liberalizing drug laws. Medical marijuana may have proven health benefits, but the relaxation of marijuana laws has also had another effect throughout the country.  Marijuana use has grown among people of all age groups and among both men and women.  This, in turn, has resulted in a significant increase in the number of crashes involving drugged drivers.  With som… Read More

New Study Shows that Concussions Can Cause Persistent Brain Changes

` The dangers of brain injuries have become more apparent in recent years, with research revealing that repeated concussions increase the risk of dementia and have a long-term impact on the brain. While most people now know that a blow to the head can be dangerous, some may assume that only a serious brain injury can have a significant impact on your health. The reality, however, is that any blow to the head can have lasting consequences. Concussions account for around 75 percent of the 1.7 million brain injuries that occur annually, and are most likely to occur in incidents such as motor v… Read More

The Danger of Signing a Release Shortly After an Accident

` For those injured in an accident and who receive compensation from an insurer, the insurer will require that you sign a release as a prerequisite for receiving compensation.  Releases are fairly standard in terms of their language.  Every release will include language indicating that in return for receiving a certain sum of money, the injured party releases the at fault party and their insurer from any and all claims, including any and all future claims.  The release will also state the injured party is releasing the at fault party and insurer from any claim for injuries or dama… Read More

Slip and Fall Cases - Tips for Proving Your Claim

` Winter here in Wisconsin is in full swing.  That means the number of calls I will receive from potential clients who have been injured in slip and fall cases will be on the rise. Unfortunately, slipping and falling is common in Wisconsin during the winter.  Many such falls and related injuries could be prevented if the landlord or business owner of the premises were more diligent in keeping the premises safe. Historically, individuals who have sought compensation for injuries due to slipping on ice and snow have often times found it difficult to find a lawyer who will even take their… Read More

Have You Had Embarrassing Information Posted on Social Media by Others?

` Wisconsin Law Provides Relief I have been reading with interest recent articles that discuss situations where an individual suffered humiliation and embarrassment due to some private information posted on facebook or twitter. These situations almost always involve photos that were meant to remain private, but have now been published to the world. Oftentimes these photos are published by ex-spouses during a divorce or ex-boyfriends or girlfriends who are upset about a break up. On other occasions, such information is posted for the purpose of bullying. These postings can and do result… Read More

New Bill Aims to Protect Wisconsin's Vulnerable Highway Users

` If you’ve been hit as a cyclist or pedestrian, our auto accident lawyers in Janesville and Beloit can help you get financial compensation. Now, a new Bill is looking to double the penalties for motorists who hit “vulnerable” people like this. Sen. Luther Olsen, R-14th District, has introduced a bill to double the penalties for traffic violations that result in bodily harm, great bodily harm or death to vulnerable highway users. Senate Bill 307 defines vulnerable highway users as: Pedestrians Bicyclists, moped operators Operators and passengers of animal drawn vehic… Read More

Legal Leaders Magazine Names Steve Caya One of Wisconsin's Top Personal Injury Lawyers

` Legal Leaders Magazine has named Steve Caya one of Wisconsin’s Top Personal Injury Lawyers for 2013. “I am very appreciative of this award” states Caya. “I am very pleased to know the client service my staff and I provide is acknowledged by our peers as being exceptional”. Read More

Will a Viral Video Hurt an Injury Lawsuit?

` Our injury law firm in Janesville and Beloit have seen some unusual circumstances surrounding injury lawsuits, but we’ve never faced something quite like this. A viral video of a Scout leader toppling a rock formation hit the internet a few weeks ago. There are two problems with it. 1) That’s defacing a national monument, and he’s now facing possible felony charges. 2) The video may hurt his chances of winning an injury lawsuit, in which he claims to be “debilitated.” Utah’s Glenn Taylor was immortalized on YouTube pushing a rock to the ground. In 2009,… Read More