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Getting the Compensation You’re Owed Means Getting Educated

The first step is the hardest. When you’re injured in an accident, you must act quickly. Jumping into action in a complex realm of legalese and multilayered procedure can turn disastrous if you try tackling it on your own.

Janesville attorney Steve Caya provides industry info and insights to equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle a personal injury lawsuit. Get him on your side and get the compensation you’re owed.

How Long Do I Have to File My Injury Lawsuit in Wisconsin?

` You have 3 years to file an injury lawsuit in Wisconsin We’re always adamant that our personal injury clients in Wisconsin contact us as soon as possible. Many people wonder how long they have to file their injury claim and lawsuit. The short answer is 3 years. According to Wisconsin’s Statute of Limitations: “893.54– Injury to the person. The following actions shall be commenced within 3 years or be barred: (1)?An action to recover damages for injuries to the person. (2)?An action brought to recover damages for death caused by the wrongful act, neglect or def… Read More

Injured in Wisconsin? Beware Shady Insurance Websites and Companies

` If you’ve recently been injured, you’re first call is usually to your insurance company and you’re second call is to find an injury lawyer in Wisconsin. Your hope is always that both of these parties can help and will have your best interest in mind. Sadly. That’s not always the case. Our injury lawyers in Wisconsin have spoken to a number of people who feel they have been misled or even betrayed by their insurance provider. The newest disturbing trend was recently explored by an article at Private insurance companies are building their websit… Read More

Canadian Woman Sues Whirlpool after Dishwasher Fire

` If a product that is supposed to be safe injures you in any way, you should speak with an injury lawyer. For example, in Canada, a class action was recently filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia by Natalie Bickert against Whirlpool and related companies. Bickert claims that on December 11, 2012, her dishwasher ignited, filling her house with smoke. She suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and she was rushed to the hospital. The lawsuit has been brought on behalf of Canadian consumers who purchased Whirlpool, KitchenAide and Kenmore brand dishwashers. Bickert claims that the dishwas… Read More

Gen X vs. Baby Boomers: Who Are Better Drivers?

` Which generation is more likely to need a car accident lawyer? As car accident lawyers, we’ve worked with drivers of all ages in Wisconsin. We can’t say we can comment on which demographic has better drivers, but AllState just released some interesting numbers that stack Generation X up against Baby-Boomers and other generations. They surveyed a number of Canadian drivers and found that: Generation X (born 1965 -1980) are the most likely to admit to most distracted driving behaviors (95 percent) Not far behind, 91 percent of Boomers (born 1946-1964) admit to some fo… Read More

Which Areas in Wisconsin Have Dog Bans to Prevent Dog Bites?

` Many areas in Wisconsin have taken action to protect their residents against aggressive dog breeds. Below is a list of local communities that have banned, restricted or declared certain types of dog breeds to be “vicious” or “dangerous.” The full list can be seen at Dog Breed Bans in Local WI Communities Abbotsford Restricts: pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canarios, Rhodesian ridgebacks, mastiffs (all types), tosa inus, dogo argentinos, and fila brasileiros; bans wolf hybrids Antigo Bans: pit bulls Arpin Bans: pit bulls Augusta Restricts… Read More

Oregon Woman Wins $725,000 for Slip and Fall on Sidewalk

` Always call an injury lawyer if you slip and fall Here’s why you should always call a personal injury lawyer if you slip and fall on someone’s property. Earlier this month, a woman from Oregon was awarded $725,000 in a lawsuit involving a slip and fall. Tammy Schoening, 52, slipped on loose gravel and fell with her feet straight up in the air. A doctor testified that her injuries were the same as if she had fallen out of a second-story window. As a result of her fall, she: Broke her wrist Fractured and herniated disks in her back Developed a condition called "t… Read More

What Do I Do if I Get Into an Out-of-State Car Accident?

` Get into a car accident outside of Janesville or Beloit? Our car accident lawyers know that your collisions aren’t just limited to Janesville and Beloit. People get in car accidents out of their home city and their home state. While it may seem more stressful, the process is actually pretty close to what you would go through on your home turf. STEPS TO FOLLOW FOR OUT OF STATE ACCIDENTS: Make sure everyone is OK. Your first priority in any accident in any state is always making sure that everyone is alright. Make sure anyone injured is attended to, or call an ambulance, if need… Read More

Is it Legal for Motorcycles to Run Red Lights in Wisconsin?

` You might have read about a little-known traffic law in Wisconsin allowing motorcyclists to run red lights. But is it true? What are the motorcycle traffic laws in Wisconsin, and how do they affect traffic light protocol?  Motorcycle personal injury lawyer Steve Caya is an experienced biker and survivor of a motorcycle crash. He understands the importance of fighting for fair compensation for motorcycle injuries and helps Wisconsin riders get the compensation they deserve. Wisconsin Motorcycle Law: Red Lights Saying motorcycles are allowed to run red traffic lights is oversimpli… Read More

What are Wisconsin Driving and Texting Laws?

` Don’t text and drive in Wisconsin or you’ll need a traffic lawyer Most states now have some sort of traffic laws in place to keep people from texting while they drive—and Wisconsin is no different. The law states, “No person may drive, as defined in s. 343.305 (1) (b), any motor vehicle while composing or sending an electronic text message or an electronic mail message.” At the same time, Wisconsin’s law is even more stringent when it comes to new drivers. The law states, “no person who holds a probationary license issued under s. 343.085, or… Read More

Injured Canadian Sues Corning and World Kitchen Inc. for $1.15 Million

` A Canadian man has become the first person to successfully launch and win a personal injury lawsuit against cookware mega-company Corning Incorporated and World Kitchen Inc. 10 years after his initial injury, London, Ontario’s Lanny Stilwell was recently awarded $1.15 million for the injuries he sustained as a result of Corning’s products not having sufficient warning labels on them. A London jury awarded Stilwell, $1.15 million in damages, after finding that the makers of Visions glass cookware, World Kitchen Inc., and Corning Incorporated, were negligent by not includin… Read More

Woman Receives $792,968 for Slip and Fall

` Earlier this week, a federal jury ruled in favor of Pennsylvania’s Barbara Ferguson, who said she injured herself at work after a slip and fall incident with a box that was used as a makeshift doorstop. Ferguson was awarded $792,968.16 and four defendants were found to have been negligent in the case. While working at the Pathmark on Franklin Mills Boulevard, Ferguson contended she was injured after she tripped over a box that was being used to prop open a large office door at the grocery store. As a result of her fall, Ferguson claimed she sustained a number of serious in… Read More

Why are Motorcyclists Riding without Insurance?

` If you have read any of my blogs, you will see that the topic that is of greatest importance to me is the issue of insurance. I have received another phone call from a potential client who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that illustrates why this subject is vital to motorcyclists, or anyone else, injured in an accident. This poor guy was severely injured when a young woman turned left in front of his motorcycle. He suffered numerous fractures that required a series of surgeries and extended in-patient treatment. He has over $300,000 in medical bills. Worse yet, THIS MOTORCYCLE AC… Read More

In Wisconsin, a Hit and Run Isn't Defined by Someone Fleeing

` If you’re involved in a hit and run accident in Wisconsin, you will definitely want to speak to a car accident lawyer. However, a hit and run doesn’t require someone to leave the scene of an accident right away. According to Wisconsin Statute 346.67, someone striking a person or attended vehicle is required to: Give his or her name, address and the registration number of the vehicle he or she is driving to the person struck or to the operator or occupant of or person attending any vehicle collided with; and Upon request and if available, exhibit his or her operator’s l… Read More

Wisconsin Man Gets 6 Years for Ordering Dog to Bite Victim

` Wisconsin’s Richard Lisko was recently found guilty of one count of false imprisonment and one count of first-degree reckless injury, after tying up another man and ordering his dog to bite. Lisko was tried on Thursday and sentenced to six years in prison and six years of extended supervision. According to the victim Joel Kennedy, Lisko commanded his dog “Bubba” to bite him for more than an hour because he believed Kennedy stole medication and gold coins from him. Fond du Lac County Assistant District Attorney Dennis Krueger recommended a sentence of 13 to 15 years in pr… Read More

How to Find an Injury Lawyer in Wisconsin

` The state of Wisconsin offers you a number of options in terms of picking an injury lawyer. Each has their strengths and areas of expertise. So how do you select the firm or individual who will best represent you in a court of law? It’s not a straightforward question, because your situation is unique and no two cases are alike. The best way is to take your distinctive needs and match it with a firm by doing the following. Create a Budget Map out exactly how much you can spend, win or lose. This will go a long way in separating firms that are out of your price range. Also factor in what y… Read More

What Happens if I Slip and Fall in Wisconsin? Can I Sue?

` When You're Injured in a Slip and Fall, You Must Know Your Options Most people who slip and fall on a sidewalk will wonder if they can sue. But very few people know the specifics in Janesville or Wisconsin when it comes to slip and fall injury law. That's why you need a personal injury lawyer seasoned in this kind of thing. Many people don’t sue because they don’t know these laws. Or they don’t think their injuries are severe enough. This is often a mistake. If you slip and fall because of a business not taking care of their sidewalk or premises, you may v… Read More

Can I Sue if I've Been Bitten by a Dog in Wisconsin?

` What to Do After a Dog Bite It’s unfortunate, but dog bites do happen. If you’ve suffered serious injuries from a dog bite in Wisconsin as the result of a negligent owner, a lawsuit may be your best course of action. Increase your chances of a receiving a large settlement by following these steps for reporting a dog bite and what to do next. Seek medical care treatment and document your injuries Inform the dog owner of the incident and get information on the dog’s vaccination records Make a list of anyone who may have witnessed the incident Contact your local animal co… Read More

Can I Sue if I'm Injured in a Bike Accident?

` As more of us “go green,” we’re seeing more bikes on the road. That includes more people biking to work, or just around town. So what are Wisconsin’s injury laws, in cases where you’re in a bike accident, or someone injures you? Do you need an injury lawyer? First of all, the bicycle is defined as a vehicle. You, as the operator of a bike are granted the same rights and subject to the same duties as a driver of any other vehicle. The first thing you need to know is that if you are in an accident with a motor vehicle, you are required to report it, just l… Read More

Should You Represent Yourself in a Personal Injury Claim?

` Many times, I meet with potential clients who have attempted to handle their personal injury claims on their own without consulting a lawyer. Trying to handle your personal injury claim without consulting a lawyer is a RECIPE FOR DISASTER. It may sound self-serving for me to make that statement since, as a practicing personal injury lawyer, it is in my financial interest that individuals who have been injured in accidents hire me.  However, on many occasions, I have met with potential clients and I have indeed advised them that I did not feel they needed an attorney.  This is be… Read More

The Danger of Delaying Pursuit of Your Personal Injury Claim

` Recently, two very serious motorcycle accidents occurred in my area.  The first resulted in death to a passenger on the cycle and the second to the cyclist himself. In both cases I had some contact from family members and friends concerning my representing the survivors in claims against the wrong doers. The first of these collisions occurred over six months ago. The second, approximately two months ago. Each case involves facts where liability is not entirely clear. In the first case, the cyclist was drunk and his passenger killed. Friends of the passenger have been urging the family to … Read More