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If you’ve been involved in a big truck accident, it’s important to hire an experienced Wisconsin truck accident attorney immediately, before important evidence slips away. Commercial trucking companies will have an entire truck accident lawyer group behind them to ensure your case gets settle quickly and for as little as possible.

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Don’t navigate the confusing legal system alone. Steve Caya has experience with cases deeply involved with Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) regulations. He knows how trucking companies and their lawyers will do everything in their power to minimize your settlement - and you need an elite legal mind on your side to avoid that. Contact us after a truck accident and we will get you fair compensation for your injuries.

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From a small collision on W Madison Ave or near Schilberg Park to a truck accident on WI-59 that leaves your car totaled, Milton personal injury lawyer Steve Caya will examine your case, gather evidence and get you the compensation you deserve. His no win, no fee policy guarantees your best interests. You won’t pay a dime unless damages are collected.

Getting the fair compensation for your truck accident injuries starts with knowing your rights. Our truck accident lawyer blog has free info and insights to help you understand your case and the legal process.

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